Dragan Đorđević

Dragan Đorđević

Kragujevac, Šumadija, Serbia

About Dragan Đorđević

Born in 1964 in Kragujevac, Serbia. Works in several media such as sculpture, painting, performance, graphics. Live and work in Kragujevac.


1992. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture in Belgrade, in the class of the professor Nikola - Koka Janković.


First price for Antiwar monument in Kragujevac;
The monument dedicated to Jova Dobrača placed near Kragujevac.
Two sculptures purchased by the National Museum in Kragujevac.

Sselected workshops and art simposiums:
international art workshop "The Balkan bridges", Kragujevac, Serbia;
International art symposium, Gyor, Hungary;
international art workshop "Gamzigrad", Zajecar, Serbia
international art workshop "Kozuf", Macedonia


Many group exhibitions in Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Mexico, United States...
Selected solo exhibitions and performances:
1996, Gallery UDK, Kragujevac - sculptures and collages;
1997, Art Gallery of National Museum Kragujevac, Performance "Net";
1998, Gallery of Students Cultural Center, Belgrade - performance "The temple of the inner walk";
2005, Modern Gallery of National Museum, Kragujevac - sculptures "A & A";
2007, Students Cultural Center - graphics, Kragujevac "One voice";
2013, Students Cultural Center New Belgrade - "Changes of state" -asamblages and collages.