Maciek Jozefowicz

Maciek Jozefowicz

Seattle, WA, United States

About Maciek Jozefowicz

Hi there,
Can you spare
A dime of your time
To read a silly rhyme (crime?),
A stale tale of little detail,
About Me?
My goal is to be
The third best (f)artist
Of the twenty-first century.
I am not greedy,
I don't need no gold -- too bold,
(I am forty-five tears old, bald...),
I don't need no silver -- hold,
(....a male who hates to be
Stereotyped, or pigeonholed),
I want bronze -- SOLD!
Hanging from my neck
And touching my toes,
Bringing me kisses, blisses,
And other accolades and echelons.
With my head on fire, I desire
To bring the same expression,
The same wild passion,
To female form
That Michelangelo brought,
Like thunderstorm, to the male form.
I want to rival Rubens, and Rafael,
And Renoir, and Rembrandt,
And the world enchant
With my drawings of the naked figure,
Undressed, nature blessed.
And I want to lasso Picasso,
And man-squeeze Matisse,
And deform and reform nature's form,
And surpass their explorations
Of the abstract, the Third Act,
And expand the horizon,
And advance the visual dance
Of Western culture,
Like a voluminous art vulture,
Into this new century,
And into this new millennium.
I want to bring new art,
That equals past, fast,
And one that will last,
Using my semi-magical cranium.
(Do not laugh, this is serious stuff!)
I believe that the human figure
Is a vital subject of fine art,
An eternal, timeless à la carte.
While costumes change
From one generation to next,
(What will tomorrow's girl wear?
Who can predict? Something strange!),
The body stays the same,
And is the greatest, I claim.
And I believe,
This century will be
The century of the female,
(Oh, this epic epoch will not be stale,
It will be a legendary whale of a gale,
Heil, heil, the mighty Female!
Please, tell all your mythic tale),
And I want to express, no less,
This Post-modern Goddess,
Her heart, Her mind, Her style,
Her wit, Her strength, Her gile,
Her attitude and magnitude,
With the expressive power of the nude,
And with an agile, whimsical smile.
But wait, wait!
There is more about me, see:
I want to be known
As this century's greatest creator,
Heterogeneous Part-time Genius.
And to that end
I am in process of making,
Shaking and baking,
In my creative oven,
Groundbreaking projects --
Two adventure stories in form of comic scrolls
(They are like delicious, sweet, warm Chinese rolls),
Visual puzzle posters and visual puzzle books
(With fun, gobbledygook hooks),
A book of sexy poems
(Enough said about that hat),
A children's fantasy novel in verse
(About a dragon, shy, who cannot fly),
And an autobiographical account of a dent
(Heaven or Hell sent?).
There is more, but I am spent.
Somebody give me a beat,
And let's call this About-me rap


2009 Master of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle

2005 Bachelor of Arts in Design and Planning: Architectural Studies, University of Washington, Seattle