Anna Kozyreva

Anna Kozyreva

Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine

About Anna Kozyreva

I was born in 1986 in Kiev, Ukraine, where I work and live now.
In my family there were no artists. We did not have any paintings on the walls, they did not tell me about people of art or about art. Nevertheless, I remember very clearly that I had a dream at the age of 7-8. I wanted to paint with oil. This desire was inexplicable, it is not clear what was cast.
The second time the desire came out at a conscious age and predetermined my fate)

I have a special passion for the schedule. I like to draw emotions, without color they are transmitted stronger and deeper. Very often my schedule is dual, there are simultaneously laid different emotions. You will see something that will be closer to your inner state. It is possible that all)

Passion for black and white drawings has moved partly to my painting. I adore contrasts. Therefore, the picture is either bright or colorful (emphasis on "juiciness" of the plot) or black and white, but more profound in emotional perception.

Right now I create a series of works of an intimate nature without using bright colors. You already have the opportunity to see these pictures.
For me, gentle bed scenes are the time of "tearing off masks", total openness, this is the time of our greatest vulnerability and sincere trust, this is the time of feelings.

I paint with oil, pencil, charcoal, pen, make collages.
Priority technique is realism.

Today my paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia and Europe.


2017 - "ART:EGO WHITE birthday" in Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2017 - International Social Art Project "Happy Plate" , a joint Russia-Netherlands project, Russia.


International exhibitions:

2018 - nominee (participant) of the annual international award «Odessa International Art Prize 2018» at Luxury Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
2017 - International Exhibition and Competition in Germany "AUTO | MACHT | MOBILITÄT", Kunstpreises Worpswede 2017, Kunstverein ART-Projekt Worpswede-Deutschland.

All-Ukrainian & other:

2018 - participant of the exhibition Art Seasons "Art Winter Contemporary" in the Center for Contemporary Art M17, Kiev, Ukraine.
2018 - participation in the "II All-Ukrainian competition of hand graphics" in the Art Gallery and the workshop "Barbarova and Maslyukova", Kiev, Ukraine.
2017 - participant of the exhibition Art Seasons "Art Autumn Contemporary" in the Center for Contemporary Art M17, Kiev, Ukraine.
2015 - participant of the exhibition of contemporary art "Private and Public", Kiev, Ukraine.

2019 - "Painting about love", Art space "House", Kiev, Ukraine.
2019 - "Painting about Love", Art space "Sex.Ed.Coffee", Kiev, Ukraine.
2018 - charity exhibition "Hot tenderness of winter", Jewish Hesed "Bnei Azriel", Kiev, Ukraine.
2015 - "In the Attic", SmArtville Art Space, Kiev, Ukraine.
2015 - "With Hope for ...", Irpin, Ukraine.