Ilana Krasnik

Ilana Krasnik

London, United Kingdom

About Ilana Krasnik

I believe that every artwork created is made to give a piece of the artist to somebody else, in order to fill a void that they have inside.

I work primarily in oil, acrylics and charcoal, on wood, canvas, on metal and cardboard. The lines in the wood become the shapes and the texture in the paint becomes the form. Art is by nature already vested in every material and all I have to do is to enhance it, to breathe life into it.

Even the iPad - the mother of the print series, comes to life, it tranforms into a virtual canvas, with millions of colours and endless possibilities.

I was born in Jerusalem in 1973 during the Yom Kippur war, grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark and now live in London.

My art is strongly influenced by the cultural differences of the different places: The light and perfectionist coolness of Scandinavia and the colours, the tensions, the sadness but also the warmth, the cabalistic influence, the beaches and passion that is the complex reality of the Middle East.


Two degrees in politics, self taught in art, plus lots of courses i.e. printmaking, drawing, teaching art workshops.


Ongoing charity sales of the aleph series


Group Exhibition Raanana, Feb 2014
Group Exhibition, Green Gallery May 2014
Gallery in the Park, July 2014
Herzliya City Gallery, Group Exhibition, March 2015
Magen David Exhibition, Portugal, June 2015
Traveling group exhibition in Europe, 2016
The aleph initiative, ongoing charity sales.