Kristof Galas

Kristof Galas

Marshall, NC, United States

About Kristof Galas

Kristof Galas, designer and artist and adventurer, was born in Poland in 1977. He moved to London in 1997. Kristof received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London in 2007. Although Kristof's degree is in architectural design, art has always been his passion - as well as travelling around the world. Travel, for Kristof is a source of stimulation and ideas.

He sometimes disappears for weeks on end, but will reappear suddenly, somewhere unexpected, with a new sense of form and colour.

Kristof spent many years exploring different techniques and mediums and he now concentrates his activities on oil and enamel painting. In recent years he has been working with re-claimed and re-cycled paint - partly from a sense of environmental concern - but also to explore the textures, colours and forms that come from a medium intended for another task. He enjoys working on large canvases and he has been described by one Galas collector as "˜one of the few modern artists who can paint convincingly on an epic scale'.

Kristof has currently had yet another solo exhibition in London and is then relocating to New York in fall 2012 in a pursuit to continue to follow his love and passion for art and creating what he feels is pleasure to the human eye.


University of the Arts London '08
Chelsea College of Art & Design
BA(Hons) Architectural Spatial Design


Architectural Digest Design Show
New York 2017/ 2018 / 2019

HD Expo Las Vegas
Las Vegas, USA

Architectural Digest Home Design Show
New York 2014/2015/2016
New York City, USA

Art Takes Times Square
New York City 2013/1014

Art Expo New York 2013
Pier 92
New York City, USA

Foss Fine Art
London, UK


Solo Show
New York City, SoHo, 2016

"DecoLicious" 2015
New York City, USA

"From Poland to da Bronx" 2014
New York City, USA

AAF London
London, UK 2013

"The Gilded Age'' 2012
Solo Show
London, UK