Kostas Koufogiorgos

Kostas Koufogiorgos

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

About Kostas Koufogiorgos

Kostas Koufogiorgos is a professional Cartoonist based in Germany.Born in Greece in 1972.Studied Economics in Athens.He has published his work in newspapers, magazines, books and internet sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Greece. He also works with photographs, makes some comics and paints when he finds time.All of my paintings are made on canvas prepared with hand made traditional chalk grounding except from the Car paintings. Some of the colors are also self made.


I studied economics but was working directly after the final school examination in 1989 as a cartoonist for political, economical- and sports newspapers, for advertising and as a book illustrator. As a cartoonist and a painter I am an autodidact.I have published my work in Germany, Greece,Switzerland, Luxemburg and Austria.