Alena Kuznetsova

Alena Kuznetsova

Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

About Alena Kuznetsova

A professional artist from Kyiv.
My aims and visions in art change from year to year and this is the concept of my approach: the changes. Our world develops and accelerates the farther the faster. We have to live within the crazy waterfall of information, images, and messages, that we are attacked by in our daily lives. I’ve been always interested in themes of time, inconstancy, space (environment), consciousness, nature, body, the meanings of communication in a vastly changing world. Installation, abstract art (color) either figurative painting or video – all these media are good for me if they get to the heart of the idea.
As an artist in a developing country, I step the rule “If you have a cross to bear I guess it’s fair to use it as a crutch”. I use art to curate my consciousness within the global processes and research the truth, making it somehow magical and inspiring. I feel myself like an antenna that gathers inner and outer, micro and macro, personal and social, spiritual and nature together and tries to find the balance between and not to get lost. Art remembers me to be sincere and it’s a great gift I’m willing to share.


1. Received a complete higher education and magister degree in the specialty “Fine Arts” (Kyiv National University of Building and Architecture, 2008). A member of academic and contemporary art schools, workshops, residencies exploring color, such as:
2. Contemplative Anastasia Boronina’s school of painting (residencies near St. Petersburg, 2007-2010).
3. School of contemporary art at Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2014-2015)
4. School of Visual Communication (Kyiv, 2015), two courses of contemporary art; with Alevtina Kakhidze about moderation and argue solving through art and Kristina Solomukha about communication and media in contemporary art.
5. New art School (Kyiv, 2015), the art of new media, generative art. I received a grant for a 1-week intensive study, research work, and creating a project in public space and challenge of group work.
Paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Russia.


2019 - Bodensee Art Fair, provenance: Van Gogh gallery, Madrid
2019 - competition for young Ukrainian artists "Objects art prize".
2018 - Art residence of Nazariy Voitovich, Travneve (Ternopilska region).
2018 - Modern art international exhibition (Art Fair) in Seoul, Korea. Provenance: Gallery Harang.
2018 - first catalog publication.


Solo shows:

2019 Mechanical Ballet. Act 3, French Institute, Kyiv (UA)
2019 Trajectory, Mironova foundation, Kyiv (UA)
2018 FLUX, Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kyiv (UA)
2018 Mechanical Ballet, White World, Kyiv (UA)
2017 KILL BILL, America house, Kyiv (UA)
2017 GRAVITY, NEBO art gallery, Kyiv (UA)
2016 Nature of sensations, Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv (UA)
2016 In color, Spivakovska Art:Ego gallery, Kyiv (UA)
2014 Flesh.The Other, Efir, Kyiv (UA)
2011 Ping Pong, DailyKievBar gallery, Kyiv (UA)
2010 Light and Color, Frolovskaya gallery, Kyiv (UA)

Selected group shows:

2019 Objects art prize, nominees' exhibition, Chocolate house, Kyiv (UA)
2018 Simulacra anatomy, MARI, Kyiv (UA)
2018 Values on the way, Tse Glyna, Kyiv (UA); Lite-haus Galerie + Projektraum, Berlin (De)
2018 Exposure, AkT, Kyiv (UA)
2017-2018 Marry me!, Zenko Foundation, Museum of Kyiv history, Koruna (UA)
2017 What color do you see?, MASLO the gallery, Khmelnytstyi (UA)
2016 Place.Time, Sklo, Kyiv (UA)
2016, 2015, 2009 GogolFest, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv (UA)
2016 Two years of art, Spivakovska Art:Ego gallery, Kyiv (UA)
2015 Dialogues. Time to hear. Gallery Lavra, Kyiv (UA)
2015 Hybrid Reality, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv (UA)
2015 New grain: time as reality, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv (UA)
2014 Ukrainian landscape, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv (UA)
2014 Energy, Art-picnic, Kyiv (UA)
2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 Artists draw. A4, Karas Gallery, Kyiv (UA)