Tibor Csikos

Tibor Csikos

Gothenburg, Västa Götaland, Sweden

About Tibor Csikos

1957,born in Martonos (ExYugoslavia)

LAYERS, DENSITIES, PROCESSES (an excerpt)Tibor Csikós the obsessed circle-drawer, who keeps covering his layers, surfaces with the symbol of entirety, security, eternity -at last a symbol that bears the same meaning among all peoples- does not attempt at the impossible or some achievement. The expanding spaces, rhythms, the forms turning into brushwork, the intermediate negativ spaces excite him. When he applies more colours, when the takes a step toward the monochrome, in real the results of an unfolding and contracting pictorial reality interest him. When in an experimenting mood, he renders our task more complex with ocassionally turning the surfaces plastic. However, his art is not optical, nor of the pattern type. He is seeking the intermediate states between the graphical symbol and the pictorial form, the expanding space places the surfaces of the intersecting points more and more to the foreground, let it be discovered from among the density of grapes in a bunch or among the billions of planets and stars, bearing the colours of golden-brown or ultramarine blue -this is the real medium of the pictures, the layers of Tibor Csiks Are we mislead, as among the media -like the sky from behind the foliage- entirety hardly appears? I do not think so. This world made round by circles and spheres is entirety in itself. Csiks Tibors own universe.Istvn Sinkó artist-art critic Delivered at the Újlipótvárosi Klub Gallery - 16.November, 1999

PATTERNS AND ACCUMLATIONS extract"It seems that Csiks keeps experimenting with modes of expression of this so-called abstarct, sometimes geometric, expressionistic world. At the same time, he makes less and less but more and more refined changes in working out his own motifs and individual gestures.By changing the colours and the formations, every work becomes different, filled with a new feeling and content. Csiks proceeds by thoroughly circles, and the curved space, the creation of depth on the flat surface, and the discovery of order hidden in chaos."(gnes Veronika Kovács)(DUNA Art Gallery, 6-27 July 1997)In: Új Művészet January-February 1998, IX. issues 1-2

The artist asserts such things as, this is Homage M.Ago, and Progression T 197, and Progression O 2096 etc. Let him do it, I nod, while I know that even if it is called a progression; it is above all, merely, an anatomy lesson. The precise anatomy lesson of Tibor Csikós - in my opinion - following in the wake of Danilo Kis.(Attila Balázs - writer, on 3 December 1998 in Budapest, MERLIN Art Gallery)

MONOTONOUS ETERNITY (An excerpt)Every artist furtively desires to establish a foundation, a permanent matrix in which he can condense the world. Where thoughts, emotions find their places thus the constant collision and congestation can cease. A fluttering, liquid veil forms, a flowing prism. A homogene mandala is created out of circles, floating spheres of which every single point is the centre. The constant flux of souls, destinies. They keep altering, they evolve and wither, then merge in the process of rebirth.József Gal artist18.March, 1999, Budapest
www.dsy.hu/csikos, www.ramwerk.se/kcv/csikos


1977 - 1980 Hungarian Academy of Fine Art - Budapest
1986 - 1987 "Atelier 63" - Paris 1987 - 1988 "Atelier 17" - Paris


Future Shows:

2018.05.19. Kanjiza (Serbien) Dobó Tihamér Gallery
2007.10.06.Gothenburg (Sweden) Cosmopolitan Gallery Paintings


TAKT, Temerin Yugoslavia 1984 Theatre Gallerie, Kanjiza, Yugoslavia 1984 IH Gallerie, Pcs, Hungary 1985 Mala Gallerie, Sezana, Slovenia 1987 Bernanos Gallerie, Paris, France 1988 Theatre Gallerie, Kanjiza, Yugoslavia 1990 Municipal Library, Subotica, Yugoslavia 1993 Gallerie 11, Budapest, Hungary 1994 A HAZ Gallerie, Budapest, Hungary 1995 IH Gallerie, Szeged, Hungary 1996 Club of the Young Artists, Budapest, Hungary 1997 Duna Gallerie, Budapest, Hungary 1997 IH Gallerie, Szeged, Hungary 1998 Merlin Gallerie, Budapest, Hungary 1988 Townlibrary, Senta, Yugoslavia 2000 Labour University, Kanjiza, Serbia and Montenegro
2003 Gallerie IX, Budapest, Hungary 2004 ART9 Gallerie Budapest, Hungary 2004 Gallerie Cosmopolitan, Gothenbourg, Sweden
2005 Gallerie KCV, Gothenbourg, Sweden
2007 Gallery Nordica, Kunming, China
2008 Subotica (Serbia) Képzőművészeti Találkozó Gallery
2009 Kanjiza/Magyarkanizsa (Serbia) Dobó Tihamér Galéria,
2009 Budapest, Art9 Galéria (with Åke Staffansson), 2011 Lerum (Svédország) Dergårdsgalleriet,
2011 Budapest, Galéria IX, "Talált formák"
2012 Novi Sad/Újvidék ULUV Gallery


1981 Csepeli Papírgyár, INDIGO group, Budapest, Hungary
1984 Cityhall,"ULUV" Subotica, Yugoslavia1987 Paris (France) Cite Internationale des Arts 160 Artistes 1988 Grenoble (France) Artistes du Subotica 1990 Budapest (Hungary) Ernst Museum II.Digit Art Internacional kompetition 1991 Marly le Roi (France) I.N.J.E.P.Universite d`et exposition 1996 Miskolc (Hungary) XVIII.Nationalbiennial for graphik 1997 Praha (Czech Republic) III.Praha graphik-Mlada fronta galleri 1998 Salgotarjan (Hungary) IX.Nationalbiennial for drawing 1999 Budapest (Hungary) Vigado gallery Kaos and order 1999 Szekszard (Hungary) II.Triennal for painting 2000 Budapest (Hungary) Arthall Dialog paintings 2000 Budapest (Hungary) Konsthallen Vhite-black drawings 2002 Rijeka (Croatien) International drawingbiennale,Moderna galerija 2003 Gothenburg (Sweden) Cosmopolitan galleri 2003 Cluj-Napoca(Romania) 4.International Biennal for litle grafik Arts Museum-"Small hungarian elgrafik 2004 Turku (Finland) Galleria Joella Turun Taidegaafikot, Art Union Of Hungarian Engravers and Lithographers 2004.Gothenburg, Gallery Cosmopolitan 2004 Miskolc(Hungary) XXII. Nationalbiennial for graphik 2005 Gothenburg, Gallery Cosmoplitan Budapest, 33 Hotel Hilton West End