Laurence Mergi Rapoport

Laurence Mergi Rapoport

Bazra, Israel

About Laurence Mergi Rapoport

Angels and Demons: The flowers and I have a long term relationship. Two years ago, I decided to paint them again. Flowers represented what I’m longing for: calm, beauty, harmony and serene strength. I was also interested to show how our surroundings influence us, our mood, our thoughts.
Finally, I may be an optimist, because even if I changed the flowers, their color, their texture. they were still peaceful, beautiful and glorious.
Then, a few months ago, I started painting monsters (chimeras). I’m not the only one who is fascinated by them. Through history and cultures, artists have represented monsters. It seems ugliness is no less fascinating, than beauty.
I think flowers and monsters are two sides of the same coin. And I’m ready to face my demons. Or ours. Nobody is perfect…


Laurence Mergi was born in France, Toulouse, and live in Israel since 1993. She graduated from the Paul Sabatier University in 1991. She learned painting at “The Studio” in Raanana, with Hanita Benjano.


Solo exhibitions
Tova Osman Gallery, "Morninglory", Nov 2015
Art center Hod Hasharon, “Tree of the field”, Oct 2012
Studio Gabi BenJano, ”Orchard”. March 2012
Group exhibitions
Yad Lebanim Hod Hasharon, ”Friends”, Feb 2012
Art center Hod Hasharon, ”Autumn”, Oct 2011
Street Exhibition, ”Raanana”, July 2011
Yad Lebanim Raanana, ”Omo Children”, June 2010
Yad Lebanim Raanana, Hastudio Raanana, June 2005
Richter Gallery, Hastudio Raanana, June 2004