Lena Ohlén

Lena Ohlén

Lund, Sweden

About Lena Ohlén

Born 1951 in Umea (in the north of Sweden), is now living in Lund, Sweden. Retired art teacher. I am often inspired by nature, but it doesn't always show in the finished work. 2020 I am starting to draw with ballpoint pen.


Umea university,
- Art school of education
- Art history
Gerlesborgskolan, Sweden.


Gallery Ohlson, Malmö 2012
Helsingborgs Konstförening, Salong 2012
VSKG, 2011 - 2019
Skånes konstförening Höstsalong, Malmö, 2011
Stadshallen, Lund, 2010, 2011
Kullasalongen 2011
Romele konsthall, 2008