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Born 1981 in Penza,RussiaLives in Berlin, GermanySome of the most pivotal moments in my artistic work were catalyzed by Robert Ryman's statement, "The basic problem is what to do with paint", and Herbert Marshall McLuhans' statement "The medium is the message".When creating work, the process of applying materials is primary to me. Generally, I do not plan the execution of my work further than one step ahead. The artwork emerges gradually in an interactive process. Every development is analyzed, and the subsequent direction arises from the internal logic of the medium (and the tools).I let the results of these experiments with materials amaze me as I manipulate them without knowing in advance how these techniques will effect the artwork.(Most of) my works are not "painted" in a traditional sense. Rather, I let them grow over the course of many layers. Although my paintings have a formal construction and are not intentional depictions of objects or phenomena of the external world, their construction relates loosely to the structure of minerals or crystals. This organization is most explicit on the edges of the paintings.The eventual formal outcome of the work becomes secondary. It varies widely, depending how the materials are layered, ranging from the ascetic simplicity of Minimal Art to Baroque opulence, visual restraint to optical aggressiveness. This work investigates the relationship between the artist, materials, his tools, and time.Through experimentation I discovered silicon as a painting medium. Through experimentation I discovered silicone as a painting medium. This material has a unique spectrum of qualities: a wide range in possible layer thickness, viscosities, glossiness, and transparency. With silicone, I was able to develop intricate tactile surfaces.By manipulating these characteristics with different additives, I was able to develop intricate tactile surfaces. Although the number of notes are limited, the possibility for their arrangement is infinite.Besides the techniques I developed, the intrinsic character of silicone is also important in my work. The light in my paintings is not depictional, but rather an actual interaction through layers of the material itself. The light contorts through semi-transparent layers, highlighting colours as it bounces around. Another, equally important facet of silicone is it oxymoronic quality. In the realm of silicone, a perfectly even surface can have structure and unexpected depth lurking underneath. Or, it can seem warm and organic, while maintaining its rubber-like synthetic composure. - Lev Khesin, 2007


1996-1997 Graphic Design Study at the art schoolSavitski in Penza 1997-1999 Fine Arts study at the art schoolSavitski in Penza2002-2007 Study at the Universitt der Knste (School of Arts), Berlin (Prof. Frank Badur),2005 Study at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USAExhibitions:2002-2005 \"Rundgang\", UdK2003 \"Klasse Badur\", UdK, Berlin2004 \"Auf Papier\", UdK, Berlin2005 FRAME Gallery Pittsburgh, PA, USAEllis Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA\"PAINTTHINGS\", Ellis Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA2006 \"Ausser Haus\", Berlin2007 \"MULTIPLES/VIELFACHES\", Cit des arts, Chambery, FranceGraduate Show, Universitt der Knste, BerlinGalerie Kollaborativ, Berlin. (solo)Scholarships and prizes:2005 NICA Scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA ,


Future Shows: July 19-22 2007 - UdK, Berlin
End of March 2008 - GAD, Berlin(solo)