Lilla Kuizs

Lilla Kuizs

Budapest, XIX, Hungary

About Lilla Kuizs

I am a Hungarian painter and illustrator.
I was born 1987 in Szolnok, now I liveing in Budapest. I'm in love with colours and manuality.


Moholy-Nagy University of Art an Design - Visual Educator (2018-)
Moholy-Nagy University of Art an Design, Budapest(MOME) - Animation BA (2010), MA (2018)
Hogesschool, Gent (KASK) - Fine art (2011)


I won the Unicredit Bank (Hungary) talent art prize, 2014.
Since 2016 member of Hungarian Association of Creative Artists


Individual Exhibitions:
2019 Abstract Tales - Budapest, Wekerle Culture Mansion
2019 Happy Bubbles - Budapest XIX CityHall Galery
2017 Y GEN (Y generation) - Marionett at the Hotel Marriott, Budapest
2015 Wandering - Hadik Cafe and Szatyor Bar (Budapest, Hungary)
2015 Magic Gardens - Agora Gallery (Szolnok, Hungary)
2013 Walk in the garden of the Whitch - San Marco Gallery, Budapest
2012 „Formabontó Ázsia” (~shapeless Asia), Fogasház (Budapest)
2011 „Lilla Kuizs”, Red Gallery (Phuket, Thailand)

Group Exhibitions:

2018 - Part and All - Synagogue (Szolnok)
2018 - MOME Master Degree Exhibition, Budapest
2016 - As an adult, Klebelsberg Culture Mansion (Budapest)
2015 - Ari Kupsus Art Camp Exhibition, Bajzath Castle
2014 - Unicredit Talent program, Forrás Gallery, Budapest
2013 - K.E.R.T Exhibition of the Szolnok Art colony, Art 9-11 Gallery (Budapest)
2012 – „Repainted Reality”, Hungarian National Gallery (Budapest)
2011 - Phuket Art Festival, Royal Phuket Marina Country Club, (Phuket, Thailand)
2010 –„Visions from the future”, Collegium Hungaricum UngArt Galerie (Vienna)
2010 – Magic Pencil - MÜPA (Palace of Arts, Budapest)