Mila Morton

Mila Morton

London, London, United Kingdom

About Mila Morton

I live and work in London. Abstract painter and printmaker. My works has been shown in number number of solo, group show and Art Fairs such as Fine Art Asia Hong Kong 2019, PAD London 2018, Winter Show 2018, LA Art Show 2018, Affordable Art Fair London Battersea, Hampstead, Hamburg 2019-2020, The Auction Collective exhibition and auctions 2019 - 2020, Paul Smith, Mayfair 2019 - 2020 and others.
I was graduated from musical school, pianoforte, at the same time as my Art College and music was and still is a great impact and inspiration for me. Striating from aesthetic of musical sheets, which years later become major inspiration for series Reeds on a Lake to music itself.
Beauty, delicacy and same time strong power of nature these what I am in constant try to represent and capture and are my main source of inspiration and joy to explore. If this is a trip to Mongolian's steppes, Australia, busy Hong Kong, unique Madagascar, beautiful beaches and other fantastic places or just walk in a local park, always a lot to see a lot to discover and share through my art. Would it be patterns, lines, textures or emotion, feeling of the place.
But the inspiration is everywhere!


MA in Fine Art
Faculty of Painting, Surikov Academic Institute of Art, Moscow, 2011
Member of Hong Kong Group go Calligraphers 'The Legacy of Ink'


Art fairs
2020 AAF. London, spring
Represented by Ars,- Tis,F. upcoming
​2019 Ink Asia. Hong Kong
Represented by Michael Goedhuis Gallery
2019 AAF. Hamburg
Represented by Ars,- Tis,F.
2019 AAF. London,UK
Represented by Ars,- Tis,F.
2019 AAF. London, UK
Represented by Ars,- Tis,F.
2018 LA Art Show. Los Angeles, US
Represented by Michael Goedhuis Gallery
2018 Winter Show, US
Represented by Michael Goedhuis Gallery
2018 PAD. London, UK
Represented by Michael Goedhuis Gallery
2018 The Other Art Fair. London, UK
2017 The Other Art Fair. London, UK
2017 Amsterdam International Art Fair
2014 International Art Fair. St. Petersburg, Russia​

Selected solo and group shows
2020 Solo show, Dereconstruction, Paul Smith Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK
2019 Winter Show, The Koppel Project Gallery, UK
​2019 Auction. The Auction Collective, London
2018 All Too Human. Boston, US
Represented by Michael Goedhuis Gallery
2018 The Edition 94+Project on Walls, London
2018 Summer Show.The Koppel Gallery, London
​2018 The Legacy of Ink. Hong Kong
2017 Place where the are no dreams. Moscow
​2017 The beating art of Sai Ying Pun. Hong Kong
Geneyclee Gallery
​2016 Most. Auction, Krasnodar, Russia
​2015 Discoveries. Moscow, Russia
Jewish Museum & Tolerance Centre
​2011 Earth and Water. Moscow, Russia, solo show
2006 Solo Show. Astrakhan, Russia