Liz Whaley

Liz Whaley

Deer Park, WA, United States

About Liz Whaley

Liz Whaley is an American artist whose style is greatly influenced by her background in dance. As a ballerina Whaley learned how to portray deep emotions through expression and movement, a gift she now brings to her paintings. Her pieces possess an ethereal quality with a poise that reflects her experience as a dancer. Music and movement remain her greatest inspiration as Whaley uses acrylic paint and evocative brushstrokes to create artworks with an entrancing energy.

"Applying paint to canvas is a dance, the movement of brushstrokes in perfect harmony; the performance is exhilarating and extraordinary. The incredible silent expression of telling a story through movement and emotion captivates an audience in a moment." - Liz W


Advanced Associate of Arts & Design, FIDM 2003, Magna Cum Laude

Associate of Arts Business Management & Marketing, EDCC 2005, Magna Cum Laude


"Red Sail" and "Weather With You" Original Paintings displayed at Firestone Art & Music Show, CO 2018

"Palouse Falls" Original Painting on display at Azure Mountain, WA 2015-current

"Crescent Sail" and "Landed" Original Paintings displayed at Firestone Art & Music Show, CO 2016