Lotta vanDroom

Lotta vanDroom

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Lotta vanDroom

At the age of 15, I got an analogue camera as a present and discovered my love for photography. Soon after, I started investing in equipment for a dark room.I loved experimenting with exposure, colouring and all other possibilities that arose from it. In 2010 I switched to digital photography and since then I'm redefining myself and my ideas.

As long as I can remember I felt the desire to discover and to make new experiences. The older I became, the more I've grown fascinated by the excitement we felt as children when we saw, learned and experienced new things for the first time.
Simultaneously, I felt sorrow about the fact those times became rarer as we grew older.

We know our world, our environment and all that comes with it and barely anything can surprise or fascinate us any more.
Because of this, I started imagining, how it would be to see a new world and experience a never known life.New landscapes, new flower fields, new creatures, new histories and so on. Some kind of wanderlust for a strange and alien reality.
This led to my fascination for paraphrasing common things, to givethem a new meaning and to displaythem in a different context - combining and creating a new usage for them.

Most things possess an inherent beauty we are all used to. By putting them in new correlations, they can become even more beautiful and sometimes surpass the original source they replaced. Bottle caps that transform into a wig for example, or cucumber slices which transform into alienated flowers.

For me the fascination for sublime combinations doesn't stop with day-to-day objects. It stretches further into history, linguistics, architecture and other art forms. For example old historical buildings combined with modern architecture, old, no longer used, wordscombined with our present language, elderly people wearing youthful clothes and so on.

So I decided to combine my „weapon of choice“ for expressing myself, photography, with paintings and collages on the one hand and crafting costumes out of rubbish on the other.
With painting as one of the oldest art forms merged with the much younger art forms and the result is a very interesting collaboration. It creates new opportunities in structure and expressions and a new way to look at things.
Recycled materials and rubbish challenge their old purpose, presenting new usages and telling new fanciful stories.

Another big part of my art consists of the desire to bring some of the pictures I have in my mind to life. To give them an actual face if you will.
It's not particularly important to show reality in my pictures. I want to show a fantasy world that takes place only in my thoughts. For this reason, photo editing and montages are playing a major role in my work. Digital photography and editing programs provide the means to remove limits and to break structures. They enable the creation of images of people and scenarios, as they do not occur in the real world.

In summary, I'm a person wandering in fantasy worlds.I want to express those images through photographs, to let other people have a glance at these worlds and to participate.

It's beautiful and I'm very happy that people find enjoyment in my work and perhaps thanks to my pictures, they can travel to other worlds in their minds, too.



2019 - Goldmedal Trierenberg Super Circuit.
2019 - Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3, Honorable Mention.
2018 - Goldmedal Trierenberg Super Circuit.
2017 - Moscow International Foto Award, Honorable Mention.
2016 - Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3, Honorable Mention.
2015 - Bronze Singapore International Photography Award.
2015 - London International Creative Competition, Honorable Mention.
2015 - Moscow International Foto Award, Honorable Mention.
2015 - International Photography Award IPS, Honorable Mention.
2015 - Highly commended winner Kuala Lumpur International Photography Award.
2015 - Exposure Awards, Honorable Mention.
2015 - Goldmedal Trierenberg Super Circuit.
2014 - Goldmedal Trierenberg Super Circuit.



DODHO Magazine
ONDINE Magazine


2017 Nov. - Exposition at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam by Ronen Art Gallery.
2017 Oct. - Exposition at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, London by Ronen Art Gallery
2014 Sept. - shows on stage at Photokina 2014 for Sony