Loulou Von Glup

Loulou Von Glup

Bruxelles, Belgium

About Loulou Von Glup

Born in Belgium, Loulouvonglup is a still life photographer and illustrator living and working in Brussels. •

Contemporary artist experimenting with still life photography •

Aesthetics of the absurd and other poetic accidents.
A pinch of Dada and a pop art zest. •

Through her playful touch and colorful creations, Loulouvonglup seeks freedom in all its forms.
Everyday life freed from its dogmas and conveniences becomes an excuse distilling the joyful essence and the object becomes a way of transcending reality.
Extravagance, mischief and wonderful freeing spontaneity from reason and logic invites you to immerse yourselves in the fascinating depths of ordinary


Graduated from an art university in France.