Svetlana Malakhova

Svetlana Malakhova

Moscow, Russia

About Svetlana Malakhova

«Art is the exclusion of unnecessary.» Picasso
When I excluded all unnecessary the only human and flesh remained. My primary conception and focus of my art is body and flesh. The only human can depict human - this is our privelege - this is the one, that drives me.
I was alwa
"Pehaps,I am the only one artist in Russia who studied anatomy in morgue, such as Leonardo De Vinci, just because I need to know all about human to depict human for human." Svetlana Malakhova.

Artist Svetlana Malakhova created a lot of painting and graphic in human theme. Her artwork in collection in Russia,USA,Europe, Japan and Chine.
She says about it:
My great inspiration are people and the whole humanity in all forms and aspects in any interaction, either in an environment or between themseIves.
My concept is -The only human can depict human. This our privilege. My idea to develop it in a best way of depiction of humanity.
A member of Union of painters of Russian Federation
Live and work in Moscow.
I graduated of the Moscow state art industrial Academy behalf of the Stroganov. Studied in SAINT - PETERSBURG STATE ACADEMIC INSTITUTE OF PAINTING, SCULPTURE AND ARCHITECTURE NAMED AFTER I.E.REPIN during 2 years. My teachers were Uriy Kalita and Nikolay Blokhin the best teachers in Academy and famous enough. It gave me a boost in creation and in my painting.
Briefly studied painting and drawing in Charles H and Cecil Studios in Florence. In June 2012 studied in New York academy of Art.
My style has developed under the influence of 4 different school.
The Stroganov Academy of Art gave me an undertanding of construction.
Repin Academy of Art gave me knowledge in painting.
Florence Art school gave me a lot of knowledge in tones relationship.
And New York's Academy of art gave me a understanding of concept and idea in art.
I always knew that I will paint and draw human mostly.
I can tell myart is a composition about people.
Today I am doing more deep researches of human in my artwork, I exploring humanbodies in a morgue, like Leo de Vinci, doing a lot of sketches of anatomized bodies, to understand the theme literally inside.
In my art I am telling about people, about ourself as a
main component of everything existing.
In fact I show people themselfs from different sides and different points of view.
Because we are all one unit.
I put emotions and energy to every my artwork to lead people out from their common condition and make them to put a side their phones and ask "What is that?"
I began to exhibit in 2008
In graphics I developing my author technique :
My author technique of depiction of human doesn't suit any defenition graphics or painting. It is rather picturesque graphics.
I create picturesque vibes through the effects of pencils and pastel.
But why are vibes?
A human is an energy.
If you look at the human body through the microscope you will not find edges.
That is why I don't use a thechnique of sharp edges and using "sfumato" mostly.
I have been skething already more than 12 years and I tryed a lot of materials, in a searching of something new and unique.
My last discovery is Kohinoor Wax Aquarell pencils.
Diving deeper- it is the whole thecnnique!
There are a lot of ways how to use it
-It is blending,
-it is good in washing out
-sharp edges are possible
-sfumato is possible
Next step - I am adding a pastel. My pastel in round pots and it is very good to use pastel with the fingers from a pot putit on the paper and blend it with the pencils or just use it like a coloring.
Futher it's depend on your fantasy and your wish to create new and unique in art.
Fuoride pencils.I am adding it like vitamins in a very small amount. To liven up. Dotty. A mystique glow of bodies in their interplay.
The last stroke -Is DNA -artist's saliva.
It is necessary for washing out of the pencils.
I tryed a lot of different stuff for it like, water,wet napkins. towels, but nothing do best than saliva.

I have studied every centimetre of human body in anatomical classes then on alive model and like Leonardo De Vinci in a morgue on corpses to draw like that.


2020 performed at ARTSY.COM By New York's Gallery Visual Voices Internationa
Last Exhibition in Moscow before lockdown
09/25/20 "NUDE 18 +"
Shabolovka street 31Г Art center "Exposed"
Moscow. m.Smolenskay. The art exhibition "Post Truizm"
March 10-16 2020.
Smolenskay square 13/21.
2014 "AGORA GALLERY' New York
2014 "Amsterdam Whitney Gallery " New York
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The artwork of Svetlana Malakhova ("Russian tea.Oil on canvas.2011.) is in the Drezden museum of Russian-German culture).
My artwork in collections all over the world, but mostly in USA and Saint Peteresburg (Russia).
I am taking part in exhibition from 2009.

Press realise
The bright, electric expressionist oil paintings of Russian artist Svetlana Malakhova are defined by the energy and the color that permeate each image. Inspired by the ordinary and extraordinary people and places she has encountered, Malakhova combines figurative subjects from the human and natural world with abstract elements. She uses fresh brushstrokes and an impressionistic approach to create paintings brimming with new ideas and unique insights into the deeper beauties contained in our everyday world.
Malakhova's paintings are composed of many layers, creating a sense of depth and imbuing great meaning into the overall effect. Compositions contain tension but are framed by an overall sense of balance, infusing another level of significance into each piece. What results are paintings that dance with energy and life, yet which give the viewer a deeper understanding of all the world has to offer. As Malakhova explains, "I try to create work that conveys the energy within me, which is alive and full of vibrant colors."
Svetlana Malakhova currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
2018 Russia Solo Exhibition Moscow
2014 USA New York Amsterdam Gallery
2014 Germany nternationale Kunsausstellung
2014 Berlin International Project "A Golden Age" of Russian Leterature in Berlin.1 place.
2013 USA New York Agora Gallery
2012 Romania Bucharest "Day of Russian Calture In Romania"