Luis Medina

Luis Medina

Santander, Cantabria, Spain

About Luis Medina

Born and based in Santander, Spain.

Feeling and emotion. My compositions are intended to give a deep meaning and a deceptive simplicity.

I express myself through color, creating a minimalist perspective. I use acrylics on canvas or paper. I am looking for a balance in the composition; Sometimes they are geometric and others are closer to abstraction.

It is the expression of color through minimalist compositions. I try to do "more with less", and as always in my work it is an expression of feelings and sensations.

I believe in a continuous evolution of the work, which is naturally caused by the fact that I get carried away by my own discoveries and feelings when I create it. Influenced by my studies in industrial engineering, my works in some of his series have a geometric pattern. the video of "Contrastes" one recent solo exhibition.


Recent events
2020. Selected National Painting Contest Casimiro Sainz 2020 Reinosa
2019. Finalist II Painting Prize Tat Vila Barcelona
2017. Finalist XVI International Award painting "Miquel Viladrich" Lleida
2016. Finalist XXI Painting Prize "Ciudat d'Algemesí"‏ (Valencia)
2016. Selected XXIV International Award painting "Telax" Reus Tarragona
2016. Selected Painting Prize Welcome Donostia Donostia
2015. Finalist XXXIII International Painting Prize Eugenio Hermoso Badajoz
2014. Finalist XXXII International Painting Prize Eugenio Hermoso Badajoz
2014. Selected XIX Painting Prize "Ciudat d'Algemesí"‏ (Valencia)
2013. Finalist XI International Biennial "Painter Laxeiro" Lalin Pontevedra
2013. Selected XIV Prize contemporary art "City of Torremolinos " (Málaga)


Recent solo exhibitions
2020. Espiral Gallery "Spaces and forms" Noja (Cantabria)
2018. Ormolú Gallery "Retornos" Pamplona
2018. Old City Hall of Comillas "Forms and sensibilities" Comillas (Cantabria)
2017. Angel Cantero Gallery "Contrastes" León
2017. Garcilaso Space Gallery "Sensations" Torrelavega (Cantabria)
2016. Ormolú Gallery "Transformas" Pamplona
2015. Marita Segovia Gallery "Color transformation" Madrid
2015. Visol Gallery "Reformas" Orense
2014. Parliament of Cantabria “Compendium” Santander
2014. Angel Cantero Gallery "The form of color" León
2013. Marita Segovia Gallery "Figuraciones" Madrid
2013. Este Gallery "To be square" Santander
2012. Jesús Otero Museum "Entrapped" Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)
2011. Aristas Gallery "Transition" Gijón
2011. Este Gallery "Estemoción" Santander
2011. Cimentada Gallery "Arquimetría" Oviedo
2010. Visol Gallery "Townies" Orense
2010. Sardon Gallery "Archemotions" León
2009. Carmen Carrión Gallery "Urban Streams" Santander

Last group exhibitions
2020. ART MADRID Art Fair, with Espiral Gallery Madrid
2019. SIANOJA XIX International Symposium of Artists Noja (Cantabria)
2019. FLECHA Artea Bilbao´19 Contemporary art Fair Bilbao
2016. BATTERSEA Decorative Fair, with Marita Segovia Gallery London
2015. ALMONEDA Art and Antiques Fair, with Marita Segovia Gallery Madrid
2014. Art Fair ART MADRID, with Marita Segovia Gallery Madrid
2014. Art and Antiques Fair ALMONEDA, with Marita Segovia Gallery Madrid
2014. Angel Cantero Gallery "Format C" León
2013. "Portas Abertas" Forum Eugenio de Almeida Evora (Portugal)
2013. Art Fair CASA//ARTE, with Marita Segovia Gallery Madrid
2012. "Il corpo, la carne, e l'anima" Brescia, Vicenza (Italy)
2012. "Ontmoetingen II" (Encounters II) Rosmolen Zeddam (Holland)
2012. 75 th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika Bilbao
2011. "Ontmoetingen" (Encounters) Rosmolen Museum Zeddam (Holland)
2011. "Ontmoetingen" (Encounters) Driekoningenkapel Doetinchem (Holland)
2011. "The body, the flesh, the soul" Burgos, Albacete, Arnuero (Cantabria)
2011. Orfila Gallery Madrid
2011. Ekléctica Gallery Madrid
2010. Art contest finalists Luarca Luarca, Mieres, Avilés, Gijón, Madrid
2009. Ra del Rey Gallery Madrid