Alina Lutaeva

Alina Lutaeva

St. Petersburg, Russia

About Alina Lutaeva

This world really lacks love.
My art is intentionally so tender.
My vulnerability is extremely serious.
I use mirrors and paper to emphasize the fragility of this world and our feelings in it.
I want people to look into themselves through my mirrors.
I am a young artist from Russia. I live and work in St. Petersburg.
I try to catch the elusive, fleeting moment.
All the insignificant things in our life are the most important.
A big place in my work is the theme of childhood. This is the time of the predominance of questions to the world around and the feeling of unreality of the usual things.
I hate pompous themes.
We cannot save this world until we save ourselves.


2018: Educational Center "Benoit House": Marketing and communication of cultural projects

2007 - 2012: Savitsky Penza Art College, Master of Fine Arts


04 - 29.02.2020. Slipping line. Cube.Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

07.09.2019. Urban Poetry 19. Tallinas ielas kvartāls. Riga, Latvia.

08 - 14.08.2019. «The rooms/комнаты». Moscow, Russia.

18.05 - 13.10.2019. "Well, what did you become when you grew up?". Street Art Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia.

10.02.2019. Wall. Vernissage by Flacon. Moscow, Russia.

10 - 27.11.2018. Correspondances. Visual poetry in Italy. Ex Conservatorio di Sant'Anna. Lecce, Italy.

13 - 14.10.2018. Fair of Contemporary Art SAM FAIR 2018. Street Art Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia.

24 - 28.08.2018. International Art Meeting in Paris. Paris, France.

07.04.2018. Lettering that discredits itself. Day of conceptual vandalism. St. Petersburg, Russia.

20.12.2017 - 06.01.2018. "Memory". Galerie Metanoia. Paris, France.

07.12.2017 - 07.01.2018. "Morning". Timeless Fragments, Primo Piano LivinGallery. Brindisi, Italy.

15 - 22.09.2017. "Morning". Berthold Center. St. Petersburg, Russia.

12.08.2017. "I". Vernissage by Flacon. Moscow, Russia.

17 - 30.04.2017. "Dear Diary". Loft Project Floors. St. Petersburg, Russia.