Luuk de Haan

Luuk de Haan

Bergen, Netherlands

About Luuk de Haan

Although in many ways resembling abstract painting, photographs of the kind made by Luuk de Haan celebrate and delight in exploiting photography’s indexical grounding in a world of chemical and physical reactions to physical phenomena and, more recently, the optical potential inherent in digital, screen-based photographic manipulation. They are documents of their own coming into being rather than the recording of a world outside the photograph. Despite their abstract, non-referential appearance, they are as ‘realist’ as photographs can get. Emphasising sequential processes and long durations rather than instantaneous exposure, they return photography to a unique and individualised practice and away from reproductive economies of mass production. - Derek Horton

Luuk de Haan exhibited in numerous galleries like: Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam (NL); Gallery Vous êtes ici; Amsterdam (NL); Kaune Contemporary, Cologne (D); Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin (D); Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York (USA); Espace Meyer/Zafra, Paris (F); Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen. And is represented on art fairs like Art New York, Expo Chicago and Art Miami.

All Luuk de Haan's works are unique.


Hoge School voor de Kunsten (HKU), Utrecht



Orbit | Poimena Gallery, Tasmania


Intersect Aspen | Aspen, USA

Faraway Up Close | ACEC, Apeldoorn NL
jan 18 - march 1


Art Miami, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary | jan 9-12

Painting With Light | Yossi Milo Gallery NYC
jan 13 - march 9


The Photography Show 2018 | presented by AIPAD
april 5-8

Contemporary Transformations | Duke Contemporary Art Space, Bangkok, april 26-June 26

Eloquent Geometry | Espace Meyer/Zafra | Paris | nov. 9, 2017 - jan 9, 2018

Art Miami, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary | january 11-15


EXPO CHICAGO 2017, september 13 - 17

ART NEW YORK 2017, booth 21, may 3 - 7


ART MIAMI, Booth A109, nov 29 - dec 4

Songs On Paper, oct 14 - nov 14
Kunsthandel Ineke Aronds, Bergen

EXPO CHICAGO sep 22-25

Light Painted Abstractions, sep 3 - oct 21
Kaune Contemparary, Cologne

Prime Time, june 25 - july 30
DiehlCUBE, Berlin

'big nothing', june 16 - august 19
Sous Les Etoiles gallery, New York

ART NEW YORK, may 3 - 8


Silence out Loud | curated by Joost Zwagerman Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

Blind Date II | Dapiran Art Project Space, Utrecht

Modest Masters | Oude Hof, Bergen

René Descartes, duality or non-duality in art | Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam


Inspiratie - kunst, kennis en natuur | Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

2013 Neue Stille | Galerie Vous Êtes Ici, Amsterdam

2010 Everybody's Darlings | SchoK, Schoorl

2009 Bergen Geestgrond | Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen

1995 He has never been to NYC | Galerie Jansen & Baumler, Amsterdam

1994 Lisboa Taxi | Galerie Jansen & Baumler, Amsterdam

2015 waarschijnlijkheid 072_10_023 | Witteveen Visual Art Centre Magazine
2014 two works included in book 'Het Oude Hof in Bergen' (uitgeverij Noord-Holland)
2011 album Music for Artists #1 | Luctor cum Delectatione
2009 video Everything is theirs | on dvd 'Bergen Geestgrond' (Sylvia Holstijn)
2009 track Emoticon | on cd with book 'Bergen Geestgrond (d'jonge Hond)
2009 track Emoticon -Gonzo mix- | on cd with magazine (Gonzo Circus)
2009 image Layered Portrait | Fonk
2004 tracks Isobar and Tune | with catalog 'Pieter Bijwaard (Hein Elferink)
2000 track Volar | on cd with Green Groceries #1