Luz Castañeda

Luz Castañeda

New York, NY, United States

About Luz Castañeda

A self-taught artist with solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad since 2006.

2012 Award Installation Garden Frida. Hall of Plastic Arts Waldemar Belizário, Ilhabela, São Paulo.

Curator from 2012 to 2015 at Space Art. A pop-up gallery, designed by Atelier Revestimentos showroom, Campinas, SP to promote new talent and established artists.

Entrepreneur, founded in 2007 the collective space Open sky. A Hub professional oriented art, culture and education for peace.

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences; was a professor at PUC-SP in History of Science, his 20 years in this area of research, bequeathed a visual aesthetic of organic shapes and intense color that is identified in their artistic expression.

She currently lives between São Paulo and New York where he developed his current art research - Urban Orishas.


1986 Graduate Biological Science - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

1992 Ph.D. Genetics and Evolution - State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) - Brazil

2004 - Quantum Process In Creativity (20 hours) Prof. Lais Wollner, Espaço Wollner - eW - São Paulo, Brazil

2006-2013 -Individual guidance in art projects(240 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro

- Watercolor- workshops (30 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil
- Open-air watercolor in Tiradentes, Brazil

Collage - (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro -Campinas, Brazil
Contemporary Art V (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

- Contemporary Art III(80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil
- Guide tour to Art Museums in Paris Prof. Vera Ferro- Campinas, Brazil
- Contemporary Art IV(80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil

- Contemporary Art I (80 hours)Prof. Vera Ferro
- Contemporary Art II (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro
- Visions - basic photography - total 25 hours - Prof. Isabela Senatore - Campinas, SP, Brazil
- Divine and Visions - portfolio review - total 25 hours Prof. Isabela Senatore
- Collage (18 hours) Prof. Nino Cais, Tomie Otake Institute, São Paulo, Brazil.
- Watercolor Workshop, Prof. Kristina Jurick, during the IV International Meeting of Watercolor Painters in Paraty, Brazil

- Workshop São Luiz do Paraetinga to Paraty - 5 days - Final Portfolio - Prof. Isabela Senatore
- Modern art I (80 hours)Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil
- Modern art II (80 hours) Prof. Vera Ferro - Campinas, Brazil
- Curator of Contemporary Art in São Paulo (12 hours) Prof. Martin Grossman, Casa do Saber, São Paulo, Brazil
- Art Curator (6 hours) Prof. Valéria Piccolo, Casa do Saber, São Paulo, Brazil

- History of Modern Art (80 hours) Prof Luciano Migliaccio, Campinas, Brazil.
- The City Transformed: Part I (12 hours) Prof Barry Lews, The Cooper Union, New York, US
- Collage - Prof Erik Hibit (30 hours), The Cooper Union, New York, US

- Art Since 1970: Passages through time and Space, Prof Annie Dell’Aria (10,5 hours), The Art Student League of New York.
- Collage and the City, Prof Erik Hibit (30 hours), The Cooper Union, New York, US


- Reflexo e Reflexão Photography, Vera Ferro, Campinas, Brazil

- Impressão Photography, Vera Figueiredo, Campinas, Brazil
- Lumina Painting, Fabio de Bittencourt, Campinas, Brazil
- Endireita Mundo Painting, Filipe Matias, Campinas, Brazil
- Fist Collective Exhibition “Espaço Arte”, Campinas, Brazil

- Olivia Niemeyer em três tempos”- Painting, Olivia Niemeyer, Campinas, Brazil
- Emovere”, Painting and Photography, Cinthia Picelli and Fernando Righetto

- Pintura Seca - Reflexões contemporâneas sobre pintura”, Silvia Matos
- Livro num mar de recortes”, Karine Guillan - Pott



- OWA da Luz, Espaço Arte- Ateliê Revestimento, Campinas, Brazil
- Herbs and Orixás, Espaço das Artes at Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil
- The Values of Nature, Café e Arte, Campinas, Brazil
- Herbs and Orixás, Centro Cultural Mataganza, Templo Guaracy do Brazil, Cotia, Brazil
- The Soul’s Mirror, Ecomercado Avis Rara, Campinas, Brazil
-Art and the Power of Love, Livraria e Espaço Arjuna, São Paulo, Brasil
- Angels and Saints, Café e Arte, Campinas, Brazil
- Paintings of Luz Castaneda - Hotel-Spa Sete Voltas, São Paulo, Brazil
- Another way to see ourselves: restructuring, reframing, reviewing,
Willis Harman House, São Paulo, Brazil

2015/ 2016
- The Color of Winter, Ward-Nass Gallery, NY
- PointB Virtual
- Religion, Con Artist - Collective Exibition , NY -
- Serie Value of Nature, LIC ARTS Queens, NY
- PointB presentation during Armory Week with works by Patrick Meagher (New York), Luzia Castañeda (São Paulo), and Ōyama Enrico Isamu (Tokyo), NY -
- The Eye that Sees - Photograph, Santos, SP, Brazil
- Divine and Visions - Photography, Espaço Arte - Ateliê Revestimento, Campinas, Brazil
- XXXV Exhibition Visual Art Hall Waldemar Belizário, Ilhabela, Brazil
- IV International Meeting of Watercolor Painters, Paraty, Brazil
- Watercolor Contemporary, Indaiatuba, Brazil
- Tiradentes - Watercolor Outdoor, Espaço Arte Sylvia Ferro, Campinas, Brazil
- Crisolart Galleries, Barcelona, Spain
- Tribute to the Masters of French Painting, Cultural Space TOTE, Campinas, Brazil
- Metamorphosis, Art Space Sylvia Ferro, Campinas, Brazil

2008 - Artexpo New York - Brazilian Group, NY, US
2011 - Invited artist to participate at the celebration of 5th anniversary of UMAPAZ, São Paulo, Brazil

2008 -Selected artist to Brahma Kumaris Calendar, Brahma Kumaris International Organization

2008 - Selected artist the homage Professor Pierre Weil, International Congress of Transdisciplinarity, Complexity and Echo formation, Brasília, Brazil

2012 - Golden Medal Waldemar Belisário - Installation Category, Ilhabela, Brazil