Zoran Jovanovic Maccak

Zoran Jovanovic Maccak

Pancevo, Banat, Serbia

About Zoran Jovanovic Maccak

Name: Zoran Jovanovic Maccak
Date of birth: 22.08.1962
Telephone: +38160/391-8300
E-mail: maccfoto@gmail.com
News photographer,
Fine art photographer,
Still photographer


Work experience:
1982-1994 Free-lens photographer:
1984-1994 Still photographer
Camera crew - still photographer


-Vuk Karadzic - TV Series (1987)
Directed by - Djordje kadijevic

-Suncokreti / Sunflowers - Movie 1988
Directed by - Jovan Rancic

-Iskusavanje djavola/Experience of the bounty 1989
Directed by - Zivko Nikolic

press/news photographer
-Croatia: Vijesnik, Globus.

-Serbia: Pancevac, Vreme, Borba, Tanjug

-From 1994. Employed in Daily newspaper - Vecernje novosti
Title: Photographer - Journalist

-From 1992. works part-time for World news agencies : AP news and REUTERS.

-From 1985. Member of the association of movie and Tv artist
Title: Movie photographer

-From 2000. Member of ULUPUDS- Association of fine artists of applied arts and designers
Title: Fine art photographer

-From 2000. Permanent cooperation with the humanitarian organization - UNICEF
Title: Photographer - nickname Shubuckl/Serbia


Prizes and awards

1999 - New York - Prize for colection "Smoke"
organization - ULUPUDS /TIME

1999. Annual Prize for the photo of the year - newspaper Vecernje Novosti.
Photography ''Harvester”

1999 Annual Prize - News agency Tanjug for story colection "Smoke”

2000 UNEP/ New York/ Tokio prize for story of ecology

2012 UNS Annual Prize for photography “Forever forgotten”


2001 Belgrade - "Pogled" /The view - Museum of Yugoslav History - Belgrade World Press – Foto.

2014 Paris - “The romance of our days” - Cultural Center of Serbia

2017 Jury member for Wikipedia International photocontest of nature protected areas "Wiki loves eart" - Serbia contest