Mai Erard

Mai Erard

Denpasar, Savoie/Bali, France

About Mai Erard

“Write about this man who, drop by drop, squeezes the slave's blood out of himself until he wakes one day to find the blood of a real human being--not a slave's--coursing through his veins.” Chekov

I'm a self – taught artist. Abstract art for me is the way to explore beyond the world without words... Each day, each painting is a new adventure, a new adaptation, a new discovery that I enjoy... The only words to explain my art:

“The real thing - beneath the outer surface, deep down under the skin - the inner silence of the space. It’s impossible to give true expression only by showing the visible layer.”

​Enjoy your life, enjoy the art




2011 Scope New York 128 finalists Saatchi.

2011 Special curated Saatchi Grand Palais Paris.

2011 Art Wall Art Miami TV.

2011 Top Finalist 100 Artists Wanted.

2012 Top Finalist 100 Artists Wanted.

2012 Jakarta Art Award - Best painting international (1st place).


2000 The Private Painting Preview exhibition, Jakarta.

2001 Gajah Studio, Oberoi, Bali.

2002 On The Spot Live in Tragedy Bomb Bali, Kuta.

2002 Cafe des Artistes, Ubud, Bali.

2003 Quartet exhibition, Mataram – Lombok.

2004 "Le Mariage" Seminyak, Kerobokan, Bali.

2005 "Tanda Tanya" Tanda Tanya gallery, Oberoi, Bali.

2007 Solo Exhibition "Awal Anugerah" at Philo Art Space, Kemang, Jakarta.

2007 Collaboration Live With Suryo Exhibition "The Wall" at BRI Bank Museum. Jakarta.

2007 Jambore National, Jakarta.

2008 "Dialog Antar Generasi" Terraseni gallery, Ubud, Bali. (Groupshow)

2012 BIA Bali art fair.

2016 Mediolanum Museum Padova Italy Neutralism.

2016 Albert Art Gallery. (Groupshow)