Sara Lagonigro

Sara Lagonigro

Foggia, Puglia, Italy

About Sara Lagonigro

My name is Sara and I am from Foggia.
My laboratory is also my home.

I love living here because I always have everything I need to create, the best insights come at night … and often they pull me out of bed because they want to be born!

The project Malice’s Craftland stems from my love for the environment and all of nature, from my deep opposition against waste and feeble that I have always had for the things produced by upcycling other things …

I use all the materials that I can find … I recycle just everything, the good thing is that I find myself every day to have to learn a new technique that continuously stimulates the birth of new ideas.


IED graduated in graphic design and graduated in Cultural Anthropology, I was several years out of my city to study and work, but for some years I decided to return to live in my land and exploit my passion for handmade to make it a work.