Manuel Corrales

Manuel Corrales

Sitges, Catalonia, Spain

About Manuel Corrales

Born in Cáceres (Spain), and based in Sitges. Although I lived for long periods in other places, like Sevilla, Ibiza, Tenerife, Milano or Barcelona. My passion for the fine arts started at childhood. I remember myself spending long hours drawing in every single piece of paper I got in my hands.
My concept tries to represent, coming from the beauty, all the human spectrum. I try to capture the sensations, emotions and feelings we all have inside.
My best inspiration comes from a deep personal study, trying to understand (the) human nature inspired by authors like Jiddu Krishnamurti, Walt Whitman, Luis Cernuda, Murakami, and as many others as Jeff Foster or Ramana Maharshi.


As a young man, I studied with the great Spanish artist Juanjo Narvón.I studied fine arts in the Escuela de Arte de la Diputación de Cáceres (, (in) sculpture and engraving technics, where i participated in various collective art exhibitions. Despite my studies, I consider myself an autodidact artist.


Several collective art exhibitions in Escuela de Arte de la Diputación de Cáceres (