Marcela Ramirez-Aza

Marcela Ramirez-Aza

Bogotá, Bogotá D.C., Colombia

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Far beyond the need of expression, there is a liberating impulse of inner forces which drive me to creation, to the pictorial concretions of instants, that when materialized, seem to be eternal.
I feel that painting brings me closer to the creator essence of the gods because I sketch worlds whimsically, I make them emerge from the background of my canvas; I give expression to them with an essentially visceral, cathartic impulse. I invent spaces, and evade myself in gestures, textures and colors; I undo myself within the silence, I approach the universal language of the senses, the time.
Possibly the pathology of violence generates analogous artistic expressions in different times and places, which are a strong and intrinsic motivation to me, making my artistic activity in confinement, a palliative which allows me a survival loaded with emotional breakouts.
This context of informalism, of the search of its own significance and the inexistence of rules, of existentialism as the solitude of the individual and the misticism of the authentic exploration of its authentic essence, has allowed me the reserve, the time I have considered necessary for exhibiting my work, the freedom in the longing for random representations, for unusual materials, for investigating, and for flowing when losing myself... for concluding.... and evoking.
Lastly, painting as a purifying proccess becomes, and makes me become a liberating event, a celebration, an offer to the Universe, a story without words, a poetic act.
Marcela Rami­rez-Aza



Colombian painter born in Bogotá (Colombia) with studies in social communication, artistic drawing, photography, visual arts, graphic design and history of art.
With a continuous work, looking for a coherent language for more than 20 years, with its needs of aesthetic expression, Marcela Ramírez has experimented with different pictorial fields, over different painting supports and unusual techniques, from the figurative styles to the informal abstractions. Her work is the result of the decision of dissociating from her academic training. This is an independent attitude which led her to postpone her participation in exhibitions until being convinced of having a solid proposal that makes her feel fully identified.



2017 Delirio .- Galería Carlos Corredor
2017 jardines, Selvas y Cromatismos - Jardín
2016 Génesis - Jrtge Jurado Art Studio
2015 Espacios adyacentes - Galería Estuario
2013 Convergencias Galería Espacio Itinerante
2013 Los Colores Andinos Galería del Parlamento Andino
2012 Punto Diseño Espacio/Galería
2011 Santafé Boutique Hotel
2010 Brindarte Corferias Bogotá


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