Marcell Nagy

Marcell Nagy

Budapest, Pest, Hungary

About Marcell Nagy

Marcell Nagy (b. 1994) Hungarian artist born in Debrecen, Hungary, living and working in Budapest.
My primary practice is spontaneity, giving freedom to gestures and to endless
reinventing repainting of the images. The experience of „flow”, the exploration
of this self-repeating, yet novatory experience can often be discovered in my
artistic practice. The choice is based on intuition, it doesn’t depend on context. The
harmony between the material and the theme, the elaboration of certain subjectmatters is a result of a spontaneous, but regular work.
I love painting. It is not just my profession or my hobby. It is my life. In everydays life I get inspired minute by minute, by walking on the streets, by my friends, by just sitting and drinking tea, or by reading, by attending concerts and so on. I try to express happenings of my life and important questions that I contemplate on.
Great paintings can be born silently, gently or wildly with gestural brush strokes. And I believe there's a third way - the middle way.
I think in artistic creation one can observe the world of subconscious and express not only impressions of life or memories but also spiritual values. Sometimes when I am deeply in the mood for painting, without thinking I just start playing around with materials, combining plans with spontaneity composing and building several layers on each other... to me that is expression in the language of abstraction.
Some of my works are variegations of figures, forms. I depict metaphors for things and also experiences of visual or audial sensations. The impressions of observations. My artistic creation is based on observation both inside and outside mixing with symbolism, automatism and abstraction. When I start painting I never know what will happen to the canvas in the end. This is an exciting method and sometimes I can't resist repainting each work a hundred times, having many layers under each other.
I could also describe my work as making the elements appear and disappear, destroying and rebuilding the picture. Thinking in layers... Finding equilibrium between composition, texture, color and shape. I also do quick and gestural ink / acrylic paintings which I really enjoy, these are kind of 5-10 minute paintings and drawings.
I mostly work on big surfaces and for that I choose canvas this is what I love the most. Usually I repaint one work day after day so even if my technique is quick, finishing one painting takes time. I don't like to hesitate but still I like not to hurry and give the painting some time to transform and become great. Every time I'm unsatisfied with the current stage of the artwork I also think about how much I love doing it still, how much I love painting."


2017 Narada Vedic Academy - Yoga psychotherapy, vedanta

2015 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting
Department. Master: József Gaál

2014 MFG art school - Graphic design - printmaking and digital



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2020 December 15 - 2021 January 6. - Personal Mythologies, Nagyházy Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary
2020 December 3-22 - Resident Art Fair, A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2020 Nov - GODOT institute's V. charity exhibition, Godot Labor, Budapest, Hungary
2020 aug 15 - Bor,Mámor,Bénye - Erdőbénye, Hungary
2020 aug 1-22 - Art Garten, Lovas, Hungary
2020 july 22 - 14 Aug - Piac utca, Debrecen, Hungary
2019 December - B24 Gallery, Debrecen, Hungary
2019 Nov - GODOT institute's IV. charity exhibition
2019 June - Godot Gallery, Budapest
2019 April - Fundamenta, MKE, Budapest
2019 - January - NAIL, MÜSZI, Budapest
2018 September - Wild Art - Dürer Kert, Budapest
2018 June 6 - LocusFocus - Godot Gallery, Budapest
2018 may 22 - June 5 - MKE
2018 April 30 - May 10 - Fundamenta-Amadeus scholarship exhibition at MKE Barcsay Hall
2018 april - Psynapsis - exhibiting at the Psychology Institute of ELTE university in Budapest
NEW WAVE - 2017 - 15 december - 27 jan - b24 gallery Debrecen
2016 - Ready for Brush - group exhibition - Ikon Debrecen, Hungary
2015 - Press Graphic Award - group exhibition - Debrecen, Hungary