Marcus Marinho

Marcus Marinho

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

About Marcus Marinho

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, now living in São Paulo and painting with digital in Newmedia Art. My inspiration for the creation of my pieces comes from nature, beauty and constant movement of transformation. Through the abstract comes my metaphorical interpretation of that movement and its relation to life.
I use this interpretation to present feelings that are part of different moments of my life, where joy, sadness and love are always present.


Advertising course in Helio Alonso University of Communication. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Contemporary painting - EAV - Parque Lage Visual Arts School - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


1983 - Oil Pastel Painting Exhibition - Republic Museum - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2017 - Female Expressions. - ArtLab Gallery SP - São Paulo -Brazil
2020 - Connections - EXPOARTE SP - Mercure Hotel - Pinheiros -São Paulo - Brazil