Marek Mulenko

Marek Mulenko

Paris, Paris, France

About Marek Mulenko

"Through my artistic creations, I seek what fuels
our minds and imagination. SHIVERS, when the emotions are written up the skin. SHAPES, where the form is revealed in the spotlight. Finally - SILENCES, where the mind slows down. Once entered through your eyes, these images want to stay. To become unimaginable."

Born in 1988, Polish photographer living and creating in Paris. In his work, he strives to capture what is difficult to maintain in an image: sensations, hesitation, touch, silence, smell – these elements spread throughout his commercial and artistic work.

In the culture of rush – we all seek silence, break, de-acceleration, a moment of intellectual hesitation, wondering over color, appreciation of subtle shapes, feeling the atmosphere that the image evokes.

In his subjective vision, Marek combines the unlimited power of nature with its soothing effect and gentle personality. He seeks to define what are modern landscapes – what in a scene can impress us in the era of no-distance. These landscapes become storytellers of time, experience, color, vibration of echo. Each space blends with sounds and smells. The pictured places take over the narrative, they can tell as much of a story as a person, trying to keep this eternity of moment.


2014: Master Degree in Photography, Warsaw University
2012: Bachelor Degree in Photography, Warsaw University