Margriet Windhausen

Margriet Windhausen

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

About Margriet Windhausen

Margriet Windhausen is Dutch born and a fourth generation artist in the Windhausen family. Her father was a painter and played a major role in her early training, encouraging her to make art her career. Margriet and her husband Paul van den Bergh migrated to New Zealand with their family in 1976.

Artist statement:
In my work I am exploring the fugitive feelings and emotions intrinsic to the human experience and with reference to images gathered over the years.


Academy of Fine Arts (sculpture) Maastricht, The Netherlands
Trained teachers’ Certificate


1988 Waikato Society of Arts, Hamilton, (paintings and sculptures)
1988 Artist of the Month, Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru
1989 Moray Gallery, Dunedin, (paintings and sculptures)
1991 Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru, (paintings and sculptures)
1995 Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru, (paintings and sculptures)
1996 Art Works, Wanaka, (paintings and sculptures)
1997 De Kunstladen, Roermond, the Netherlands, (paintings)
2000 Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru, (paintings and sculptures)
2003 SOCA, Newmarket,Auckland, (sculpture, polychromed terracotta)
2004 SOCA, Newmarket, Auckland, (bronze and polychromed terracotta)
2005 SOCA, Newmarket,Auckland, ( polychromed terracotta)
2006 SOCA, Newton, ‘Transfigura’, ( polychromed terracotta)
2007 SOCA, Newton, ( polychromed terracotta)
2009 WHITESPACE, Auckland, ( polychromed terracotta)
2016 MAHARA Gallery, Waikanae
Public Gallery Collections

Heaven and Earth, 1988 (bronze), Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru
The Armchair, painting Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru
The New Day, 1999 (polychromed terracotta), Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru
A Young Woman, 2008 (polychromed terracotta), Chartwell Collection, Auckland
Head of a Woman, 2009 (polychromed terracotta), Anderson Park, Invercargill

Public Commissions

1987 Bob Fitzsimmons (boxer), bronze, life-sized (1.80m). Timaru
Commissioned by Sir Robert Jones and unveiled by Prime Minister
David Lange

1988 Quinton McKinnon (explorer), bronze, life-sized (1.75m).
Commissioned by the Milford Track Centennial Society for Te Anau.

1989-1990 A New Zealand Farming Family, Sculpture group (bronze), Hamilton
Commissioned by Sir Robert Jones and gifted to the nation to commemorate the year 1990. Unveiled by Sir Peter Elworthy

1990 Lord Elworthy, 1990, Bust, bronze, Timaru

1994 Abel Tasman Memorial Ships (bronze, 1800 x 1500 x 1500 mm). Sculpture of the sailing ships "De Zeehaen" and "De Heemskerck"
to commemorate the Sighting of New Zealand by Abel Tasman in 1642. Commissioned by NZ Netherlands Federation. Unveiled by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on 17 March 1992 at Frank Kitts Park, Lambton Quay, Wellington. Relocated to The Beehive.

1993 Kate Sheppard Memorial Sculpture (bronze, 2500 x 5000 mm). National Monument to celebrate the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage. Unveiled in Christchurch by Dame Kath Tizard.
Oxford Terrace, Christchurch.

2000 Tuatara, (2.5 metres long). bronze, Invercargill

2002 Jack Lovelock, bronze, life-sized, 1936 Olympic Champion, Timaru

2006 Weka, bronze, Invercargill

2008 The Face of Peace, bronze, 120x150 cm, Caroline Bay, Timaru

2013 Captain Hamilton, bronze, life-sized, Hamilton

2015 Major General Sir Andrew Russell, bronze, life-sized, Hastings