Marianne Quinzin

Marianne Quinzin

Rouen, Normandy, France

About Marianne Quinzin

My art is intended for living spaces and the people who actually live in them.
Here you can discover my canvas, halfway between abstract and figurative. I always use mixed media (collage, paint, ink, pastels...).
I wish my art will enter your home, settle in your sitting room, move into your kitchen and surprise you at the corner of a corridor.
I wish it will take you away without leaving your couch, make you dream sitting before your coffee cup, and smile at lunch time.
My artistic affinities and tastes are various and eclectic.
I like the light in Turner's work, the power of colorful vibrations coming from De Staël's thorough compositions, Joan Mitchell's explosive freedom, Gerhard Richter's technical mastery and the extent of his work, at times figurative and at times abstract.
The artistic movements which influence my art are mainly abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction, in particular Zao Wou-Ki's art for his work on light, transparency and opacity and the alternation between fullness and emptiness.

Combining colors and natural elements is a recurring source of inspiration and my favorite subjects are nature and landscapes.


I graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Grenoble and from the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon. In my past professional life, I worked as a decorator, a merchandizing manager and a visual communication director for companies. I currently live in Rouen, Normandy.
Since 2004 I have dedicated myself to painting, sharing my time between my personal art practice and the transmission of my passion.


Permanent artist:
Currently, Carré d'artistes gallery Berlin.
2017: Carré d'artistes gallery Mexico.
2016: Carré d'artistes gallery Paris Île St Louis.
2011 to 2013
Art You Rouen, artworks rental for companies
e2 gallery/ Emporium Décoration Rouen.
Art up Déco (Paris, Lyon, Aix en Provence).

Personal exhibitions:

Bank BNP Rouen agency 2017
e2 gallery Rouen 2011.
Ledrait gallery Dieppe 2011.
MaMA gallery Rouen 2009.
Styrge gallery Rouen 2007.

Since 2009
Regular acquisitions from the Newton Expertises company Mont Saint-Aignan (Seine Maritime).

Group exhibitions:

Galerie d'art d'Amand, Bois Colombes. 2017
Ephemeral private gallery Bois Guillaume. 2013.
Art et Entreprises, Manifestation «Art Vatine» business park Rouen. 2012.
Art et Entreprises, Buisson et Partenaires company, Mont Saint-Aignan (Seine Maritime). 2012.
Appartement gallery Artsyne, Paris. 2010.

Autres horizons, L'Usine à Zabu, 2017.
Les 111 des Arts Paris 2015
Grand Quevilly art fair (Seine Maritime) 2015.
ART.V.O, contemporary art fair Val d’Oise.
Salon des Indépendants, Halle aux Toiles Rouen.
Salon de Rouen, Conseil Général de Seine Maritime.
Contemporary art fair Mesnil Esnard (Seine Maritime).

Private collections:
France, Japan