Maria Rosenblatt

Maria Rosenblatt

Ramat Gan, Central, Israel

About Maria Rosenblatt

I was born in Russia and currently live in Israel. My relation with art started early in my childhood when I was plunging into the world of music. Growing in a musicians family I started playing violin as a little girl. After many years of studies I became a professional musician and one day decided to expand the boundaries and to find my self-expression in other fields of art and I chose photography. The self-expression that I found there and the possibilities for creativity opened for me the world of art from a different angle. I still play violin and enjoy making music along with working as a photographer specializing in musicians head-shots, animal portraiture and fine art.
For me photography is a way to show to others how I see and feel our world, people I meet, things I encounter, the fantasies I dream, problems I feel need to attract people’s attention to. It is also the way to express myself, to reflect the emotions and thoughts that I have inside. I believe that a good picture that makes a strong impression can have a big influence on the mental and emotional life of the person that is looking at it.


Moscow State Conservatory, Russia (2003-2007)
Tel Aviv University, Israel (2007-2009) Master's Degree,
"Studio Gavra" Photography School, Tel Aviv, Israel, class of Sagit Zaloof Namir (2012-2014)


Published in: "Lens Magazine" Issue #21 "Light & Shadow" (June 2016) - Series "Still Life" and Series "Dream Projections"
"Lens Magazine" Issue #24 "Two Years of Publishing" (September 2016) - Series "Portraits of Soul" and Series "Self-Escape"


2019 Tel Aviv, Israel - The 7th International Photography Festival
2019 Barcelona, Spain, Gallery Valid Foto - "Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition"
2018 Tel Aviv, "Cuckoo's nest" - "Dream"
2018 Tel Aviv, "Cuckoo's nest" - "Moments"
2017 Tel Aviv,  Central Gallery - "Nonplace: dance and movement"
2016 Tel-Aviv, Sarona Art Gallery - "Food processor"
2016 Tel-Aviv, Mainson House - "Israeli Portrait"
2016 Rome, Italy - "Life Framer", Officine Fotografiche
2016 Tel-Aviv - "We All Love Pets"
2015 Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Hangar 2 - "The Edge"
2013 Tel-Aviv, "Akropolis" -"The Bridge to Invisible"