Marja De Jong

Marja De Jong

Haukivuori, Finland

About Marja De Jong

1947 Rotterdam the Netherlands
Since 2003 living and working in the country side of Eastern Finland where I have been started an art centre

I am a painter and since living in Finland inspired by the light of this Nordic country.
In my paintings and printings I am translating the visual impressions into colors, shapes and structures in different ways.

As long as I remember drawing is a part of my live. As a child you never have the idea the way you exist is different and not like everybodys live. It is like it is. In drawings and paintings I could be the one I was. It was always an exciting moment to see the material transform into something you want.

Except finger painting I liked all kinds of art work and I was and I am always curious to see what happens when you do something unexpected. How is the material reacting? In what way you get new ideas through it?

My art teacher during my study in the teachers training college was very important for me. His enthusiasm and knowledge about art and art education inspires me until this day. Of course I go my own independent way in my artistic work, but the fundament was build up during these years.

From the moment I start as a teacher art was an important issue of it. Working with children and see how it is possible to develop their talents gives me all the time a positive impulse.

My artistic work is intensively related to the artistic work of children. Both are part of my way of existing. Creating art by my self is the base of my live, it is what I am. Working with children, but also with adults, belongs to it.

My artistic way of working is to see what is already there and what can I do with it. The ideas are in the subject and I am able to see and to visualize them. The material I work with has its own quality and possibilities and together with my technique, my handwriting the paintings are created.

During the work I have always the feeling to be on a journey without exactly knowing where I will arrive, the most exiting feeling.

Mono print is one of my favorite techniques. I like the process and working in layers and mixing materials and see how the skin of the work get its special structure. Every time it gives new perspectives and ways. I have many ways to work in it and still the possibilities did not end.

Oil paint I like because of its soft skin and the way you can work in transparent layers, but also with relief by thick paint. The colors of oil paint are warmer than the acrylic colors. That makes you had to work different with both materials.

After living my whole live in the same place in the Netherlands, where I had my own art school, I decided in 2002 to move to Finland and in 2003 I started an art centre in Haukivuori. It gives the same feelings as painting, starting on a blanc spot without knowing
Creating a place where I can exist and where other artists and interested people can come together and contact to share and have new experiences is just like a big art work, once you start you dont where it ends. It gives new possibilities with every step you do.

My art work has changed already, because of the situation, the way it will change urther is not clear, that is part of the future. In the way I am growing in the art centre is a promise for the time coming and the future will show it.
In the mean time I continue with everything.


1972-1975 art academy Tilburg NL
1963-1966 kindergarten teacher's training college de Voorpost Rotterdam NL

2003- founder and director art centre Saksala ArtRadius Haukivuori Finland

1975-1997 art teacher teacher training college Ichthus Hogeschool Rotterdam NL

1969-2003 AllaprimA Art School Zwijndrecht NL

1969-1972 art teacher teacher training college de Voorpost Rotterdam NL

1966-1969 kindergarten teacher Zwijndrecht NL

EXHIBITIONS (selection)
2008 "FAKTURA, on the street in the room" the State Museum of the History of Professional Education in St. Petersburg, Russia (drawings - maybe it is you)

2007 AllaprimA MuseuM Haukivuori Finland (was signed)

2005 Savonlinna Finland (24 hours),