Marion Zimmermann

Marion Zimmermann

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Marion Zimmermann

Born in Luebeck, Germany, in 1961. My whole live Im living in cities and I like the positive, active energy of a metropolis which I want to show in my paintings.My style of painting developed through several phrases. Starting with pencil-drawings it changed from using aquarelle to oil and acrylic. The realistic reproduction turned to concrete and abstract figure.My favorite intention is to show the atmosphere of modern streetlife in bright, lively colours like modern expressionism.In the citiscapes I try to capture the speed and hectic in a dynamic style of painting - everything in movement.I want to underline the unromantic citylife of today with concrete strokes and clear colourtones without a soft colourtransition. The last years I paint with acrylic over digital manipulated photographies, which I had made in the cities. They are printed on canvas. I like the fascinating contrast of print and paint mixture.


After school and study in the hometown, living in Hamburg. Since 1988 working as an architect and painter. 1995-1996 study at the Art-school of the german artist Karin Witte. 1999 Starting with an own Art-school. Since 2002 member of National Association of Artists, Germany.Since Juni 2003 owner of the Marziart Gallery with artschool, meeting point of international artists.


Singleshows (Selection):
1998 Consulate General of Germany, New York, USA
Medical Centre, Berlin
2000 Gallery at Saselhouse, Hamburg
2001 Galerie KIT, Hamburg
2002 Altona Theater, Hamburg
Art Society Schleswig, Germany
2004 Asche Chiesi, Hamburg
2007 ESI Hamburg
2008 Treugarant, Hamburg
Airporthotel, Hamburg
2009 Galerie Pillango, Berlin
Rathauspassage, Hamburg
2010 Art Society of Glinde near Hamburg
2011 "Kunst Im Gange", Finanzbehörde Hamburg
Lawer Society Hamburg
2012 Kolosseum zu Lübeck, Germany
2015 Rab Bar, Trogen, Switzerland
2017 Hilton Hotel - Paris Orly, France
City Hall Hamburg-Altona, Germany
2019 Civil Justice Building, Hamburg, Germany
2020 "Badischer Kunstverein", Freiburg, Germany

Groupshows (selection):
1996 "Gallery Stuhlmann" in Wedel, Germany
1997 "Gallery Kleibs", Hamburg, Germany
"Gallery Koch-Westenhoff, Lübeck, Germany
"Montague Art 54", Soho, New York, USA
1998 "Gallery Blankenese", Hamburg, Germany
Art-Affaire at the "Deichtorhallen Hamburg"
2000 Artists of Eimsbüttel, Hamburg
Gallery "G.O.M.A.", Hamburg
2001 Art-Festival at the"Atelier", Alexandria, Egypt
Airporthotel, Hamburg
Gallery Atrium , Hamburg
Gallery New Art, Hamburg
2003 Art-Domain.Com Galerie, Port Andratx, Mallorca
Gallery at Levantehaus, Hamburg
2004 Postergalerie, Hamburg
Kunstwerk-Werkkunst, Schloss Reinbek
2005 Lessedra- World Art Print Annual
Beijing International Art Camp, China
DIN A4, Castle Burgau , Düren, Germany
2006 Centro Cultural Provincial Teatro Ideal
de Venado Tuerto M I A D Venado Tuerto,
2007 Artprice Sparkasse Karlsruhe
"Kunst Altonale " Hamburg
2008 DIN A4 Project Stedelijk Museum Roermond
Museo Internationale Dinamico di
Arte Contemporanea, Italy
2009 DIN A4 Kulturmodell, Passau
2010 Nutella competition - exhibition of the finalists at Museum für angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt/Main
2012 Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
2013 "The Story of the Creative" See|Exhibition Space Long Island City, New York USA
2014 Artprice Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Germany C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr - Essen,Germany
2015 "10x10-Artists Gallery",Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr - Essen,Germany
2019 Affordable Art Fair NYC-SeeMe Exhibition Space