Mauro Marletto

Mauro Marletto

Torino, piemonte, Italy

About Mauro Marletto

I was born in Turin in 1960, where I live and work.
I am a professional photographer. My work as a photographer first started in the dark room.
My production, developed in black and white, focuses on human ethology by investigating the mutations and behavior of man in contemporary society; to do this, I put in place an estrangement in the creations made, sometimes generated in post-production, through the protagonists I try to carry out research on the epochal change that we are witnessing in recent decades. The subjects of the Metropolitan Ghosts series are configured as ghosts, shadows barely mentioned existing but not entirely present, in the manner of today's man taken by the many distractions and victims of the sick relationship with the digital.
In fact, I try to reflect on the great problem for which humanity is now absorbed by technology where it was previously a useful tool for optimizing communication between human beings and for overcoming barriers. My works derive from profound reflections imprinted not only on the human being, but also on the surrounding forms such as architecture or objects, as in the works Form and Matter and The Signs of Time.

influenced me in my research: Alexandr Rodchenko who strikes me for the different points of view of his images, creating new, disconcerting, high-impact sensations with visuals that deceive the viewer, freeing photography from many of its conventions.
Edvard Munch for his search for him in expressing the subtlest visions of the soul.
Edward Hopper for the strong sense of restlessness in his painting. He said “I don't paint what I see, but what I feel”.

Technically I feel close to the way of thinking of the sculptor, who, when he is in front of the block of material he has to model, knows precisely what will come out. For me as a photographer, the block of material is represented by the photo shoot, post production is the tool that allows me to get to the soul and essence of what I want to represent.


- Gennaio 2019 - - insertion in the profile volume
Aprile 2020 - Insertion in the atlas of art
   Contemporary 2020 De agostini


- April 2017 - Trieste
- July 2017 - Florence Bellini Museum
- January 2018 - Lucca
- January 2018 - Some of my works are part of it
  of the Fondo Malerba for the
- July 2018 - winner of Satura International
                              Genoa contest
- October 2018 - Solo exhibition Note In
      - March 2019 - participation in the exhibition "YESTERDAY
                             TOMORROW TOMORROW "Genoa
- April 2019 - Solo exhibition at the Festival
                           Women over ..
- May 2019 FO participation. TO photographers a
 - September 2019 - 2nd place art competition
                                     modern Genoa
 - January 2020 - Onexhibit In Body Exhibition
- January 2020 - finalist of the Fiesole border competition
- January 2020 - 2nd place ISA WORLD competition
- Dicembre 2020 - winner of the 25th edition of the SaturARTE National Competition of Contemporary
Art 2020