Michelle Bird

Michelle Bird

Borgarnes, Iceland, Iceland

About Michelle Bird

My approach is intuitive and tactile.

Notable Exhibitions:
In Europe and in the United States; including the Borgarfjardar and Agricultural Museum in Iceland, Galerie Cècile Charron in Paris, and Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio in Venice, in Switzerland at the Gallery Knoerle Baetig Fine Art, Galerie Mainau, Zurcher Kantonal Bank and AXA Winterthur.

Grants, Stipends, Residencies
In 2016 & 2017 I received Cultural Grants from the Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands in Iceland. In 2012 I completed a fellowship at the Baer Art Center and participated in the Artist in residence program at the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists center SIM. In 2003 I won the portrait prize at the Contemporary Arts Center in Sacramento in California.

In the Netherlands I apprenticed with the painter poet Anton Martineu, attended the Rietveld academy, and in India at the Honey Arts Modelling center I apprenticed in the "lost wax method" bronze casting technique.

Switzerland's Kanton Schule Zürich has invited me to host more than a dozen demonstrations for their program A Wie Atelier. I have given group workshops in experimental and blind painting to the engineers at Google Zürich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich and to the Integrative Psychiatric clinic in Winterthur. In Iceland I taught art for the Ungmennasamband Borgarfjarðar Borgarnes and in Italy I taught workshops for adults with disabilities for the Comune di Torino. In San Francisco I lectured at San Francisco's Academy of Art University on drawing from memory techniques.

Social Art
In Iceland I established the platform Fluxus Design Tribe and she produced the film Pourqois Pas Borgarnes. In addition I am the founder and producer of MAP Magazine Artist Professionals and the Open Doors Event and Outside Inside platforms for artists working in Winterthur Switzerland. I gained Dutch and US attention with my illustrations in the book 'Closed Curtains Lives of de Wallen'. Other illustrations of mine have been published by the Dutch & Belgium publication 'Joie de Vivre'.

My artwork is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States, Switzerland, France and The Netherlands.


2012 Iceland The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists Artist in Residence
2012 Baer Art Center Hofsos, Iceland Artist in Residence
2001-2004 Internship Anton Martineau, The Netherlands
2001-2002 Rietveld Art Academy, The Netherland 2000-2002 Schildersatelier Van Vlaerken, The Netherland
1999 Honey Arts Modeling, India Internship bronze casting technique "the lost wax method"


04-2018 Cultural Grant Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands, Iceland, Stand up for Art and the BFF Film Festival. 04-2017 Cultural Grant Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands, Iceland 01-2017 Ljósmyndasamkeppni Borgarfjordur Museum
06-2016 Karolina Funds Recipient, Iceland
04-2016 Grant Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands, Iceland
05-2003 First Prize of Nationally Juried Exhibition, CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER SACRAMENTO USA


04-2017 Knoerle Baettig Contemporary, Switzerland
04-2016 Doxa Design Lab, Tampa, Florida, USA
03-2016 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
01-2015 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
03-2012 Zürcher Kantonalbank, Winterthur, Switzerland
05-2011 Galerie Thomas Bäni, Winterthur, Switzerland
03-2011 Galerie Cécile Charron, Paris, France
03-2010 Hotel Eden, Arosa, Switzerland
10-2009 AXA Oerlikon, Winterthur, Switzerland
03-2009 AXA Winterthur, Switzerland
11-2003 Art & Fashion Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
03-2003 Depot Gallery, Mill Valley, USA
01-2001 Gallery Sijben en Vriend, Amsterdam Holland


06-2019 Fringe Festival, Reykjavik Iceland
09-2018 Corners Gallery Ithaca
06-2018 Fringe Festival, Reykjavik Iceland
02-2017 InGenio Arte Contemporanea, Turin Italy
01-2017 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
11-2016 Stedje Brewery, Iceland
01-2015 Listasalur Mossfelsbaer, Fluxus Design Tribe, Iceland
12-2013 SIM, Aðventusýningin, Reykjavík, Iceland
11-2013 Dagur Myndlistar 2, Reykjavík, Iceland
09-2013 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
08-2013 Arion Banki Menningarnótt í Reykjavík, Iceland
05-2013 Eullachhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland
04-2013 Schloss Mörsburg Winterthur, Switzerland
09-2012 Kulturschiene, Herliberg, Switzerland
06-2012 Baer Art Center, Hofsos, Iceland
05-2012 X-treme Lab, Antwerp, Belgium
03-2012 ARTseefeld Galerie, Zürich, Switzerland
12-2011 Oxyd Kunstraume, Winterthur, Switzerland
06-2011 AXA Winterthur, Switzerland
09-2011 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
05-2011 Villa Mainau 34, Zürich, Switzerland
01-2010 Altestadthaus, Winterthur, Switzerland
09-2010 Open Doors Event, Switzerland
05-2010 AWC Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
03-2010 AWC Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
05-2009 Eullachhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland
01-2010 Altestadthaus, Winterthur, Switzerland
12-2009 Kunsthalle Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
10-2009 La Galerie Artmonti, Ile St-Louis, Paris, France
02-2009 Innsbrucks Art, Austria
04-2008 Mainau 34, Zürich, Switzerland
01-2008 Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio, Venice, Italy
05-2005 Art & Curiosities Auction, Holland
07-2004 Gallery Walls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05-2004 Art & Curiosities, Holland
03-2003 Galery De Pomp, Warmond, The Netherlands
12-2002 ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
05-2002 Gallery Retort, Amsterdam, Holland