Miguel Angel Briones

Miguel Angel Briones

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico

About Miguel Angel Briones

I have been a photographer all my life, got it as inheritance from my father from which I got my first cameras, Leica and Hasselblad (Still working perfect).
Have been around for a while doing what I love the most, "Photography".
Have different specialties like fine art, aerial, fashion, nature and wildlife, editorial, travel photography and more... . I do analog and digital work and prints as well.

Miguel A. Briones has been an outstanding photographer for over 40 years with different specialties like fine art, nature and wildlife, aerial, fashion and travel photography. He has work with publications and editorials such as ELLE, Vogue, Hola, Architectural Digest just to name a few.

Miguel A. Briones has done exhibits in art galleries and museums as well in his country Mexico and the US.

He has been in a project for the last 10 years on fine art aerial photography, the exhibit name is “Textures of Our Earth”, documenting the vastness, complexity and magnificent power and vulnerability of our planet earth.

He has also photograph ancient cultures as The Mayas and done several expeditions worldwide.

It should be taken into account that by the time Miguel Ángel Briones
began his series of aerial photography, although he still did not have a
global conception of the extension and scope of the work, he was already
a professional who had experimented with different genres, styles,
techniques, fashions and optics .

Thus, in undertaking this particular task it was natural for him to embrace a classical mode, that is to say: almost impersonal, serene and contained, dominated by temperance.

His successful aesthetic decisions are one of resounding poise and precision.


I have had the privilege to do a project that has taken 10 years and it is about fine art aerial photography, it has been done from small planes, helicopters and now with drones.
The collection name is "Textures of Our Earth" and it is formed with over two hundred images.


1995.- Promoción de Arte y Cultura A.C. and 20/30 Space art gallery: owner and promoter of artist, Mexico City

1995.- Individual Exhibit at 20/30 Espacio, Mexico City.

1997.- Bash (night club) Individual fashion exhibit, Miami, Florida.

2000.- “ RETROSPECTIVA DE UN MILENIO “, individual exhibit at El Olimpo cultural center In Mérida, Yucatán.

2001.- “ RETROSPECTIVA DE UN MILENIO “, individual exhibit at Polyforum Siqueiros Museum, Mexico City.

2004.- V International Festival Of Barcelona ContemporaryArt, Skin of Skins, Mexico City.

2005.- “Mujeres Urbanas “at the Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City.

2012.- “LOS COLORES DE MI MEXICO, DOS MIRADAS A LA BELLEZA DE UN GRAN PAIS”, at The Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento, Ca.

2014.- “TEXTURAS DE NUESTRA TIERRA” , “TEXTURES OF OUR EARTH”, individual exhibit of fine art aerial photography at The Museum Casa Chihuahua.

2020.- Scope Art Fair in Miami, FL. “Scope Immersive”.

2020.- Seeme Art Gallery, New York, N.Y. “InTransition”.