Motoko Matsuda

Motoko Matsuda

Tokyo, Kanto area, Japan

About Motoko Matsuda

Motoko Matsuda develops universal and diverse themes. She is particular about lines and begins to draw lines first in both of her colorful works and monochrome ones. She considers the balance of lines and colors and advances her work in a direction that harmonizes the space including the surroundings of the work. She wants to create artworks that reaches people's hearts.

Biography :
She was born and raised in traditional hand painted kimono textile artists' family in Kyoto city, Japan. There are many traditional and modern museums near her home and visited there well. Also children's picture books were her favorites and American animations and dramas on TV. So many cultural feelings penetrated her.

Her career started as a textile designer for Paris and NY haute couture in the textile design company and next entered a German textile designer's studio as the same occupation.
After that as a freelance, she set up her studio in Aoyama, Tokyo, created many illustrations and art works.
Creating artworks and held many solo and selected group exhibitions in inland and overseas since then.


Associate degree at Saga Art College that is group of Saga Art University in Kyoto, BFA at Keio University in Tokyo.


2012 ISHIDA OMOTESANDO for the publishing book event with Kaoru Tony Komori, the writer. 2000 Come-sta,1998 Taro Okamoto memorial museum, 1998 Este Gallery, 1988 Dim-Sum Ginza
Award: 1989 Given " Certificate of excellence" by American museum curators choice world wide competition.
1989 Added Museum of Modern Art, MOMA(NY)'s permanent collection as in mixed media books by various artists.


Planning is going with making a book of visuals and poems with one of a famous Japanese song writer.
Participants are coordinating my participation in the invited exhibition in Kyoto city since 2021or 2022.
2019/1/12 - 2/1 Selected Group Exhibition in "Year of The Boar Poster Exhibition" at FCCJ [The Correspondent's Club of Japan] Marunouchi, Tokyo.
2017/1/10-2/28 Limited permanent exhibition at Gallery Galatea.
2016/11/19-23 Group show at Gallery Galatea, including a collaboration work with a famous song writer, poet.
2016/1/10-2/28 Limited permanent exhibition at Gallery Galatea,
2015/11/19-23 One man show at Gallery Galatea
2011/12 One man show at ISHIDA OMOTESANDO,
2011/3 Invited charity show of 311 Japan aid: In rivers,Brooklyn
2007/1/4-22 One man show at Gallery Galatea,
2000/11 One man show at Come-sta, Tokyo
1999&1998 One man show at Gallery Galatea.
1990/7/19-8/21 One man show at Roppongi WAVE Step Gallery,
1998-2012 Selected and Invited show at Every even number year Gallery Galatea Viennale,
2007 Invited at Tokyo metropolitan museum,
2004 Selected group show at Fayetteville museum of art(NC,USA),
1992 Selected group show at Aoyama Spiral Hall,
1990 Selected group show at P3 Art&Environment,
1990 Selected group show at Momentum Gallery(CA,USA)
1989 Selected group show at Lucia Gallery(NY),
1989 Selected group show at An art fair in LA convention center,
1989 Selected group show at Meguro Museum,Tokyo
1986 Competition selected group show at Sanseido Gallery, 1984 Competition selected Kyoto Industrial Cultural Center.

Award : I was given The Certificate of Excellence in mixed media part from Artitude which was a world wide art competition in NY,'89. The curators of it were from Fog Art Museum, Chicago Museum and other famous American museums.

Public collection : I was chosen to create an experimental book which was many artists' joined. An experimental book that many artists joined including my work was selected by MOMA permanent collection in '89.

Private collection : A gallery owner, CEO of a subsidiary bank of Mega bank, a principal family of a traditional big food company, a principal family of environmental company, dentists, doctors, lawyers, financial company workers, song writers, musician, actors, system engineer, designers and more.