John Lewis Rushing Jr

John Lewis Rushing Jr

Pacoima, CA, United States

About John Lewis Rushing Jr

I am John Lewis Rushing Jr and I am a Black-American Photographer, Musician, and Podcast Producer/Host for "The Muse Evolution Podcast Show" - [Artist Interviewing Artists].
I was Born August 20, 1968 in Pacoima, California and I still reside here today at the age of 52 Years Old.
I am mostly known for my diverse approach to shooting Artistic Nudes, Erotic Nudes, and Fetish Photography set in Nature Landscapes Worldwide. I inserting Nude Muses into Derelict Abandons creating Urbex Nude images shot in a Guerrilla Style of Photography. I find it exhilarating and when executed correctly the nudity resonates in a harmonious balance with the environment. In the end it feels like perfect words sang beautifully over the perfect song but made for your eyes to feel its music.

I actually incorporate a traditional style of artistry that evokes and embodies a classic chic cadence that embraces the feel of classical paintings with a Chiaroscuro feel capturing story. I living and dying wish of every one of my signature works is to meet at the confluence of Photography and merge harmoniously with Emotive Artistry.

I created "The Muse Evolution Podcast Show" to create a community to illuminate some other passionate artists in a spotlight because we tend to get lost in our struggle to be found in such a saturated market, that our voices to at least articulate about how and why we Art is in essence the root of our passions and cast an amazing light on who we are and what you as a collector are investing in. I tend to advocate for the Nude especially to represent it as a majestic work of art and not just a subject or a tool to exploit in a selfish indulgence. An Art Piece need not be shamed or cast into a box for Art-ing. It should be something to Marvel at and that's what my mission is as a Nude Historian.

I am very truly blessed to be affiliated as a current member of (LAAA) formerly known as The Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825.

Member of (LACP) Los Angeles Center of Photography

Member of MOPASD The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.


Most of my artistic ability and education attained in photography is self-taught without formal tutelage as are almost all of my many talents.
My grasp for photography was strongly inspired in my childhood by my amazing father John Lewis Rushing Sr who once was a photographer in a series of life excursions and had a darkroom manufactured in the garage, [this was revealed in an intimate interview on a Podcast Interview on a show called "What Now"? with Daniel Overberger in Episode 43]
As a man today, I can still recall the scent of developer and solution in the cloak of darkness funneled by a red light and wet hanging images...
The formal extent of my photography was in his John H. Frances Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley California for a semester...
All of my hands on experience came from personal trial and error and a short stent as a volunteer for a side project program for Radio, TV, and Film that was over seen by a Former Vice President of Engineering of CBS Executive Charles "Cappy" Cappleman in the late 80's.


Anga Fine Art Gallery 2020
Los Angeles, California


Nude Art Los Angeles 2019
Los Angeles, California USA

Armenian Art Fair 2019,
Yerevan, Armenia

Conception Art (San Diego) 2019
San Diego, California

Conception Art (San Diego) 2019
San Diego, California

Anga Fine Art Gallery (2020)
Los Angeles, California USA