Maria Vinuesa

Maria Vinuesa

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

About Maria Vinuesa

I was borned in Spain and raised in France. I live since many years with my family in Munich, Germany, where I have my own studio.
My art has been nourished by the different cultural sources of my identity (Spain, France, Germany) and describes a dialog between me with this plurality and the canvas. Each of my artworks describes an encounter, a journey to my inner world and back again to a new space of freedom, looking for something that wants to see the light, wants to be born, needing a form, an expression. As an artist, I am supposed to be the channel, gathering impulses from inside and outside of myself in order to transform them and give to them a visible form.

Giving birth to something new takes several stages and implies a very precise look and awareness about what is happening on the canvas: a subtile interaction between purposeless and intuitiv painting together whith the necessary control of colours, composition, graphics and materials….

I´ve been drawing and painting since my early childwood, and I learned very soon to exercise my perception, to train my look at the world around me. I remember also having caught fire for artistic expression very soon !


After my pedagogy studies in France, I started a four years long Art-Therapy-study at the IKT-Munich under the direction of Prof. Gertraud Schottenloher. I finished with the graduate degree as an Art-Therapist.


I am very interested in literature, writing poems and having been published in many french anthologies.
Some of my paintings have been published in poetry books of the french poetess Fabienne Roitel, „De ce voyage presque rien“, Editions du Sablier, „De l´amour et des restes humains“ L´Harmattan, also Dominic Deschênes, a poet from Québec in his last book of poems, „Les yeux de brume“, has been illustrated with my paintings. In the french literary review „Décharge 167“, five of my paintings have been published.
With four artists of Munich, we have created the group PRISMA, which is specialised in bringing literature and painting together.


A choice of my exhibitions:

2016: with Gruppe Prisma, Shakespear Project, Bürgerhaus Unterföhring
2015: HDI München
2015: Abriss München
2014: HDI München
2014: Bogenhausen Kulturtage
2014: Kulturforum Gärtnerklinik München
2014: Mohrvilla mit Gruppe Prisma München
2013: "1000 Werke" Stadthalle Erding
2013: Bridge Residenz Munich
2012: "Das Blaue vom Himmel" Kunstforum München
2012: "Wakuki zeigt Gesicht" Erding
2012: Kulturtage Bogenhausen
2012: "Bella Figura" Kunstverein Erding
2011: Medizin Campus Erding
2011: Kunstforum Arabella with Kunstrefugium
2010: Daseinstein, Kunstrefugium