Nadi Naeem

Nadi Naeem

Chicago, IL, United States

About Nadi Naeem

I am Nadi Naeem An Artist... A Dreamer
I dream of painting and paint my dreams...
I was born in Hyderabad, India but I grew up in Yanbu-Al-Sinaiyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I currently live and create art in Chicago, USA.

I get interested in and excited about a lot of things.
Two of my great passions in life are cats and creating art... since I was 4 year old I started creating art, first in my mind then with hands on papers... Since my childhood I started trying to learn different techniques with different mediums.

My artwork is the visualization of this beautiful world and of nature around us. I find myself repeatedly drawn to the beauty of landscapes, undersea and oceans... I feel so blessed to be an artist and always feel so excited about the power and magic of being creative and to have this an amazing talent of creating a magical art and sharing my creativity with art lovers...

Painting is the medium of choice for my creative expression, as an artist I seek to create art by my own experiences by capturing the scenes and events of the nature and beauty of the world around us.

I like using all mediums depending on the essence of my painting, usually I love playing with oils, acrylics and dry pastels on canvas... Different mediums allows me to express different ideas...

My dream as an artist is to explore the beauty of nature around the world and keep trying and creating the magical art using different techniques and mediums and to beautify the walls of my art lovers with my beautiful paintings...

Thank you.


I am an MBA graduate, I completed my Masters in Business Administration with Finance and Marketing in the year 2012.

As I have always been a self-taught artist so soon after completing my MBA I chose to join an Art Institute called, Dev Art Institute and tried learning different techniques of arts and different mediums of arts by an amazing art instructor named Mrs. Jayshree Sawla in Hyderabad,India...

In 2018, I moved to Chicago, USA where I achieved a solid background of art training at an Aartwerk Studio with my fellow artists and prominent Art Instructor from New York Ms. Biljana Djokanovic (an amazing artist).

I think that an artist working in peaceful environment in an art community where we meet, learn and share different artworks of various styles and mediums with different artists gives an opportunities for artistic achievements, development and encouragements to grow in new direction...

I thank my art institute and my Aartwerk family who have always been kind to me. I really appreciate their love for me and my artwork...


I won many prizes for my talent and artwork during my college days at many events conducted also I won the prize for participating in Fevicryl Hobby Ideas.


I got an opportunity of displaying my artwork for the very first time at Aartwerk Exhibition at Granville, Chicago, illinois, USA in the year 2019 and then again in March, 2020