Nassia Kapa

Nassia Kapa

London, United Kingdom

About Nassia Kapa

Nassia Kapa is a photographer, who has participated in exhibitions in Greece and London, as well as international publications.

She is the woman behind

Born and raised in Athens, she moved to London in 2013, where she currently lives.

Passionate about poetry in words, in feelings, in body language, emotionally lost in opera arias and ballet, drunk in jazz and art. Her work is focused on self projection, and the eternal flow of life that energies human existence. Through her interaction with others and herself, she is recording feelings and patterns that appear in front of her lense, and are crystallized into eternity, as a photograph.

Hello, my name is Nassia. I am not a photographer. I just feel, it happens to have a camera around.



MODFA, Online Exhibition, Emerging photographers, November 2011.

Carte Blanche IX, Athens, June – September 2012

The Blind Pilots Project, Thessaloniki 2014.

The Blind Pilots Project, Thessaloniki 2016.

Static, London 2016


Her photographs have been published on press article about psychology.