Laszlo Nemeth

Laszlo Nemeth

Ano Garuna, Inonian islands, Greece

About Laszlo Nemeth

Laszlo Nemeth is a Hungarian artist whose ceramic sculptures simultaneously unsettle, provoke, intrigue and amuse. Some present an apparent conflict of the macabre and comedic, others imply an undercurrent of political unrest. In most it is the sometimes blatant eroticism that can be disturbing (deliciously so or threatening being in the eye of the viewer alone), yet within these pieces are delicate points of connectedness, an energy of tentative inquisitive tenderness. In his sculpture Nemeth is constantly exploring cellular memory and the interrelatedness between a species' stubbornness to survive and society’s willingness to evolve versus its inertia. He works to express the conflicts between man’s desire for freedom and our desire for union, to understand how we are conceived as utterly unique individuals yet are all one people, to reconcile the individual’s lustful desire and our quest for love.
Nemeth was born in Russian-occupied Hungary in 1965, the ‘Iron Curtain’ era of austerity and little or no access to western culture. A self-proclaimed rebel he shunned the confines of the Communist state education system, choosing to satisfy his curiosity for learning with books, especially on physics, evolution and genetics. From the latter would emerge the personal repertoire of his artwork’s motifs, shaped in part perhaps by the stark graphic styles of the Eastern bloc. In his village exposure to art had been minimal and art education nonexistent; in 1992 none of that was to matter.
The Communist regime had collapsed and the last Russian troops were leaving Hungary. Doors to the West were open and new opportunities for self-expression available. Out of curiosity, at age 27 Nemeth enrolled in a 2 year part time ceramics course whose instructors included Zsuzsa Fuzesi, Peter Korompai and Tamas Szarka. “The moment I touched clay” he says "the effect on me was so strong that I knew it would forever be a part of my life". A visit that same year to Venice’s Guggenheim proved that his imagination need have no bounds, and with a distinctive personal vocabulary waiting to be translated into art, his work was quickly embraced by an emerging Hungarian art scene.

After 20 years of exhibitions, symposia and travel it became all too apparent that the international art world is an English speaking one and that growing up under the Communist regime could have kept this door closed. Today, however, Nemeth is multilingual, living in a more multinational community on the island of Corfu, Greece. In this time of pandemic he focuses on creating new series of works that he hopes to soon present in major exhibitions


Ceramic course 1992-1994 in Székesfehérvár Hungary


2005 Balaton Exhibition; National Fine Art
Biennale Award of County Zala
1996 County Fejér’s Amateur Fine- and Applied
Arts Exhibition’s Award


Reports, Presentations:

2012 Theatre of Szentgotthárd (Reports from
2012 Pensioners’ club @ Kőszárhegy (Reports from
2012 Roham bar @ Budapest (Reports from
2012 Kafkabeat Boozertheatre @ Székesfehérvár
(Reports from Gambia,recital)
2007 MIhály Vörösmarty County Library @
Székesfehérvár (Presentation about India, recital)
2007 Tóparti Grammar School and Art College @
Székesfehérvár (Presentation about India, recital)
2007 Kodolányi János College @ Székesfehérvár
(Presentation about India, recital)
2007 Árgus Literature and Culture Magazine editorial
office @ Székesfehérvár (Presentation about
India, recital)


2013 Mór, Hungary
2012 Gunjur, Gambia
2011 Paczków, Poland
2010 Mór, Hungary
2010 Certaldo (La Meridiana), Italy
2009 Mór – Árkipuszta, Hungary
2008 Paczków, Poland
1996 Szálka, Hungary
1994 Siklós, Hungary
1993 Zebegény, Hungary


2015 Mihály Munkácsy Elementary School @
Székesfehérvár, Hungary - independent exhibition
(Delivered by Enikő Orosz)
2013 Contemporary Art Institute @ Dunaújváros,
Hungary – County of Fejér’s Fall Exhibition
Olof Palme House @ Budapest, Hungary – FOUR
ELEMENTS – group exhibition
2011 Pelikán Gallery @ Székesfehérvár, Hungary –
Winter Art Exhibition
Olof Palme House @ Budapest, Hungary – XXII.
Autumn Ceramics Exhibition
2011 ZPAP Gallery, Opole, Poland, (EVELYN’S
DREAM, self – dependent exhibition)
Pelican Gallery Székesfehérvár, Hungary,
(Workshop of Statuette-cast iron Sculptor and
Ceramics in Mór, 2010)
2010 Pelican Gallery, Székesfehérvár, Hungary, (2009
Workshop of Mór)
2009 Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, (7th Grotesk Triennál)
2008 Opole, Poland, (International Ceramics
2007 Garrison Club of Székesfehérvár, (Desire virus,
self-dependent exhibition)
2005 Town hall Loft Gallery of Balatonalmádi
(Timelessness, Balaton exhibition 2005 – National
Biennal Festival of the Fine Arts)
Erdei Ferenc Cultural Centre and Art School,
Kecskemét (I.International Triennial Festival of
Silicate Art)
2004 Pelican Gallery, Székesfehérvár (Desire, virus,
scandal, self – dependent exhibition)
Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum, Debrecen
(XVIII. National Exhibition of Debrecen)
2003 Cento, Italy (Aroldo Bonzagni Modern Art Gallery)
common exhibition with Székesfehérvár
2002 Hungarian Aluminium Industry Museum,
Székesfehérvár (I’m cranky, self – dependent
2001 Museum of Szatmár, Mátészalka (with Péter Tóth)
1997 Municipal Cultural Centre, Mátészalka (with István
Laki and Péter Tóth)
1994 Motion Picture Public Foundation, Székesfehérvár
(Art Exhibition of Székesfehérvár)