Nicole Fearfield

Nicole Fearfield

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

About Nicole Fearfield

Raised on an island, a substantial part of my formative years were spent floating about in water, absorbed in some imaginary, underwater wonderland or staring hypnotised at far horizons, dreaming of adventures to be had.

Now a contemporary artist, I recognise this was a form of youthful meditation and delight in tapping into a similar state of flow, immersing myself in a space of being open and still, allowing ideas and creative expression to form and move through me.

My abstract paintings are dynamic, playful representations of life, expressed through colour, metaphor text and humour. Indulging my adventurous side, I love to explore connection to others through joyful memories of fun experiences.

As I paint, these feelings and memories float in and out of my conscious thoughts, waiting to be made solid, captured on canvas for others to see, to relate to.

Painting playfully and expressively delights me. Much like breathing, it makes me feel alive and is a necessary part of being.

Nicole Fearfield 


I began a B.A. Vis Arts from the London College of Arts in. 2012 whilst on overseas posting in Borneo.
Finding the snail pace of both mail and content, and the logistical difficulties of getting required materials in a remote location, I felt too impatient to stay the course.
I have sought and benefitted from wonderful teachers in art, and in 2018 completed an intensive training course with Nicholas Wilton (San Fransisco) and before that Nancy Hillis. Both have been instrumental in my development as an abstract painter.
Prior to that I studied new media at the University of the Sunshine Coast and worked as a web designer and film & video producer until starting a family in Scotland UK.


Featured in Saatchi Art's Spring 2020 printed catalog, sent to thousands of art collectors

Featured in Saatchi Art's Fall 2020 printed catalog, sent to thousands of art collectors


Nov 2020 Finalist, Bluethumb Art Prize
Feb 2020 Finalist, Aspire Petite Pieces Show
Jan 2020 Finalist, Art Lovers top 100 art prize
May 2019 Finalist, Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular
Feb 2019 Selected to exhibit with the Royal Queensland Art Society's Women's Work exhibition