Nikolas Tsorpatzidis

Nikolas Tsorpatzidis

Athens, Attica, Greece

About Nikolas Tsorpatzidis

Nikolas is a Greek sculptor working mainly in bronze, but also wood and marble. His passion for sculpture stems from his fascination with the sculpting process. According to the artist: "It is the constantly present challenges, when I harness hard materials, that push me to explore new methods and techniques, in my effort to realise my ideas in small, medium and large scale". He also uses various patinas on his sculptures, "as an experiment of understanding how the same work may be perceived by the viewer in different ways".

His work is influenced by the countries from the four continents in which he has lived in throughout his life. "Wherever I travel, I always absorb and process how people interact with their world, especially in places outside the Western canon of living and thinking", says the artist. That is why, apart from history and mythology, elements from indigenous peoples are often incorporated in his sculptures.

"I believe that even more than technology, art sparks the imagination and makes you think outside the box": Nikolas is deeply concerned about the position of the human race in a future defined by machine learning and our co-existence with androids and cyborgs. His work is, therefore, an expression of his beliefs and feelings for the future of humanity.


University of Maryland
Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos



2020 Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses, Spetses, Greece, SKEPSIS (curated by Annita Apostolaki and Anastasia Manioudaki)

2021 13th Florence Biennale (upcoming)

2020 King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Jeddah, Artists of KAUST 2020

2019 NWA Art Gallery, Jeddah
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Jeddah, Artists of KAUST 2019