NITKA Arkadiusz Nitecki

NITKA Arkadiusz Nitecki

Kamionka Wielka, Malopolska, Poland

About NITKA Arkadiusz Nitecki

Nitka in his artistic practice manipulates previously applied paint to a canvas with pure air, he also creates sculptures and installations from scratch as well as from found objects.


Arkadiusz Nitecki (Nitka) is a self-taught artist currently based in Poland, he has learnt one thing by studying old masters, that is, to develop your own technique, your own style, do it differently than others, by a mile, and now he applies this to his work, he creates art since 2012.


2017 - 2019 Moving home and art studio from UK to Poland, back in Poland building a replica of a London studio hosted in a former Police Station - refer to my Instagram for details.
Ciscoe's Pan Asian & Sushi Restaurant, Norwich UK 2017 exhibition of 'Nature's symmetry and geometry examples' - 'Eulytine Bixbite Sylvite' and 'Bismuth' has been sold
The Exhibit, Balham, London UK 2016 - the geometric cut outs from the series 'Shapes' - during that exhibition 'Circle' has been sold to the collector in the US throughout Saatchi.
Ciscoe's Pan Asian & Sushi Restaurant, Norwich UK early 2016 - 'Square' cut out sold
Restaurant 109 Richmond, London UK mid 2016 - Nature's Symmetry and Geometry Example,
Restaurant 109 Richmond, London UK 2015 - 'Blue' painting sold
Wandsworth Artists' Open House, London UK 2013 - 'Yellow' painting sold