ofir dor

ofir dor

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About ofir dor

Ofir Dor is a painter, a native of Israel residing in Berlin since 2007. Since graduating from his art studies at the Bezalel Academy in Israel, in 2004, he has been showing large-scale paintings in a lush expressivity, depicting men and women in situations derived from a subliminal zone of dream, the occult and sexual fantasy. Initially working in a more detailed technique, with scenes that bring to mind a dark underworld of esoteric cliques and subcultures – as could be seen in a large one-man show he showed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art just 3 years following his graduation – his painterly style has evolved into a freeform expressivity that owes as much to abstract expressionism as to the lyrical abstract and other pioneers of Israeli modernism. His characters, often in the nude, confront the viewer with their naïve playfulness and unabashed sensuality, making their surroundings, whether actual interiors or dreamed-up Arcadian landscapes, into the backdrops of sexual escapade.


2004 - Master programme (MFA) at Bezalel's Academy of Art in collaboration with The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2000 - BFA at Bezalel's Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

1999 - 2000 visiting student at the Cooper Union Art School in New York.


2014 Residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris. With a scholarship from the Institut Francais.


2017 Woman with a MIrror, Man with a Camera, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2017 Sing While You're Burning - Restless Painting from Israel, (Curator), Circle 1, Platform for art and culture, Berlin
2015 GirlyGirlyGirlGirl, Circle 1, Platform for art and culture, Berlin

2015 Don't Shoot The Painter. Paintings from UBS art collection, GAM Milano, Curator Francesco Bonami.

2014 Five Aerial Directions. Museum Beit Uri and Rami, Kibutz Ashdot Yaakov, Israel.

2013 Big Girls. With Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery at Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv.

2011 Mister O and Misses I, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

2009 Big Fish, A site specific painting instalation, Friedrichshain, Berlin.

2008 I O I, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

2007 Woman and Ribs, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

2006 Mixed Emotions, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa.

2004 Hangman, Fear and a Lady, Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv.