Roger Josefsson

Roger Josefsson

Stockholm, Sweden

About Roger Josefsson

Born 1947.Lives in Stockholm Sweden. For 30 years I have worked with a combination of collage and painting and I´m still as fascinated by the surprising possibilities of combination that can arise in this method of creating. I always start the work with preparing a workspace by scraping out paint in several layers until I feel unrestricting possibilities have arisen.After this the artistic process can start in a interacting combination of painting and collage which most often takes place on the floor of the studio where have easy access to collage materials spread out over floor wherein I use trial and error by adding and removing chosen material. By doing the work on the floor I also have a good overview and can let the process take its time.I also have to say that I am enormously interested in the very process, as a sort of end in itself where the result often comes as a total surprise. Normally I work on several projects at the same time which enables me to complete several works in a serial process where some sort of coherent narrative can arise. I never know in advance what I will make, I instead test the different possibilities which arise during the process. However, I can in retrospect sense an existential fundament and sometimes also an ironic element in my works. My inspiration is to create as suggestive an expression as possible where the picture, without synthetic means or strained shortcomings, can stand on its own.


3 years at Artschool in Stockholm. Exhibitions last 15 years.
Solo exhibitions. Gallery Rostrum, Malmo 1990, Gallery Offside Stockholm 1990, Gallery Projekt Copenhagen 1992, Gallery Die Werkstatt Copenhagen 1996, Gallery Die Werkstatt Copenhagen 2000, Gallery Paul Kleefeld Copenhagen 2003.
Group exhibitions: "GIART 89" Artfair in Gothenburg, Gallery Offside Stockholm 1990, "Art Against AIDS" Gallery Offside Stockholm 1991, "5" Gallery Offside/Hg5 Stockholm 1991,
"6 Constructions" Gallery Offside/Hg5 Stockholm 1992, Kulturhuset Stockholm 1994, Liljevalchs Konsthall Stockholm 1995, Installation Vasaparken Stockholm 1999
"En var" Kulturhuset Stockholm 2005, "En Var" Kulturhuset Stockholm 2006, Gallery Art Labb Stockholm 2006.,