Olafs Osh

Olafs Osh

About Olafs Osh

Portrait, editorial, advertising and street photographer. Doing the things what I love and am the best at.

Here are the works I did for myself - just because there was a need I did them. If you do like them - thank you!

I tend to search for meaningful photograph nor just pretty. Thus I try to incorporate into image much more than meets the eye. Thus, please, the names of the photographs take with the grain of salt, as most of them I would just call "untitled".


Latest personal exhibitions:
"Valanda" - street, 2014, "Gauja"
"People Of Bar" - portraiture, 2015, "Gauja"
"Kita" - street, 2016, "Hāgenskalna Komūna", "Laimes Lāde".

Latest group exhibitions:
Group exhibition in National Library of Latvia with couple of works - 2015
Group exhibition in Latvian Museum of Photography with "Kita".

More smaller ones.