Otto Laske

Otto Laske

Gloucester, MA, United States

About Otto Laske

I am an experimental artist working in digital painting, graphics, abstract photography, animation, and textile design. My work is abstract in the sense that I invent shapes, colors, and textures without reference to representational concerns. Working entirely digitally, I consider the boundaries between domains of visual art as entirely permeable. Since I work with a large variety of tools aided by a mastery of controlled random, the outcome of my composition and design processes are unpredictable; their results often straddle the line between established visual-art categories. The majority of my visual work is found on SaatchiArt where my musical compositions and German and English poetry are found at
Outside of my artistic work, I am the founder and director of the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM), a graduate-level teaching institute for those interested in adult-developmental thinking and research.


Self taught as a visual artist, highly influenced by 45 years of experience as a composer of concert music and a published lyric poet
Academic Education:
B. Music, Darmstadt Conservatory, Darmstadt, Germany, 1966
Ph.D. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany (philosophy), 1966
M. Music in composition, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, USA, 1968
M. Ed. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1995
Psy.D., MA School of Professional Psychology, Boston, MA, USA, 1999


Member, Rockport Art Association and Museum, including its Experimental Group, Rockport, MA, USA
Member, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Gloucester, MA,
Studio Artist Community (
Vimeo Community ( 2020 review of my visual work at JAAMZIN..


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2. For my poetry and musical work, see
3. For my writings on music and musicology,, see